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my 101 in 1001 days

Today (Sept. 16,2009) i’ll start to write my 101 list to be accomplished in 1001 days. This will end in May 15, 2012. I hope that from this, I will be able to achieve what I want..

Wish me luck…:-)

Legend: Done

In Progress


1. Finish my 101 list (break a leg) (completed: Nov 30, 2009)

2. Keep in touch with as much as many friends

3. Make new friends

4. Be Punctual

5.Create a new one once this list is done


6. Limit/Plan credit card usage

7. Save 20 per day

8. Invest on Stocks

9. Invest on Mutual fund

10. Invest on Profit Sharing

11. Revive Danvil Plan

12. Have a small business

13. Have additional 3 heads on “save Fund”

14. Zero-in Debt

15. Save something for Pilentz and Soc


16. Learn new things each day and journal it

17. Play Guitar

18. Develop my photoshop skills trough the help of my sister Soc

19. Study CSS

20. Know how bake cup-cake

21. Finish Harry Potter 5,6 and 7

22. Finish Wealth within your Reach book

23. Drive Papa’s motorcylce

24. Have a Masteral Dergee

25. Enroll on Short courses for Cooking

26.Finish “How To find One True Love”

Travel / Adventures / Fun:

27. Ride the Ferry boat from Lowton to Pasig

28. Guitar Jamming at UP ground with a great guitarist

29. Tambay mode in a gas station that has a wireless connection

30. Be in Different Churches

31. Do Ice Skating

32. Watch Movie at IMAX (completed : Jan 21, 2009)

33. Go to itay Gilbert’s house (completed: Dec 17, 2009)

34. Go to Antipolo (overlooking manila)

35. Ride Kalesa

36. Ride the PNR trian (the Farthest trip the better)

37. Finish my A To Z Challege (Inspired by TaraSG)

• Palawan

• Pagudpod

• White big turbine (north)

• Tanza Cavite to meet the Drummer

• Cebu

• Lamesa Eco park

• Bicol

38. Jamming with a band and I as the lead singer

39. Do mountain Climbing

41. Send Papa and Mama on an Out of Town

Mentoring / inspiring:

42. Teach subordinate new technique each day

43. Training for IT people

44. Train Zone Heads

45. Train Data controllers (hope there’ll be more training soon… 🙂 )

46. Conduct seminar in my previous college organization

47. Encourage at least 10 person to creat their own life list

48. Send IT staff to technical gathering and exposure.


49. Arrange my Little PAD in Pajo(sana payag ang mama abe…hahaha)

50. Create Tshirt Design

51. Sponsor church activity

52. Sew Curtain and bed sheet for my Pad

53. Arrange wall painting.

54. Create Beed Bracelets

55. Have a little garden at the Roof-top

56. Create 2 to 3 more blog sites

57. Create and Collect winning Photos then share to Flicker

58. Create a personal TAG when I’m giving “Something”

59. Compile store opening Procedure

60. Compile Front End Doc for System back-up and Restoration

61. Have a list of all my Ina-anak (by their first name)

Self development / Wellness:

62. Exercise everyday

63. Donate Blood (space of gratitude)

64. Have long nails and polish it red

65. Play Badminton (I should do this more often… :-))

66. Spa in Sancturio with Ms. Carol

67. Play Billiards

68. Have a massage at ACE Water Spa

69. Have a curly hair (completed: Dec 23, 2009)

70. Wear skirt

71. Have a “Me” day twice a month

72. Perform 30 seat-ups before I get up from bed

73. Have an Executive check-up

Family / Relationship:

74. Treat my mom to spa

75. Have a lunch or Dinner at Spiral Resto (SOFITEL) together with my immediate family

76. Drive with Dylan Only (see details )

77. Drive having my “pappy(s)” in the Passenger seat (8/9)

78. Treat my two sisters in a fine dinning Resto and have some shopping

79. Bring Nanay Candeng to Babel’s House

80. Road trip via Bus with Nho and Soc

81. Visit Ms. Mariam Borja

82. Have a picnic/gathering with my high-school barkadas /friends (see details)

83. Visit my Ninong Raul

84. Pick-up my balikbayan barkadas from the Airport

85. Go to Penafrancia via Bus together with elena(inay) and eden

86. Bake with Ate Weng (my older soulmate)

87. Meet “HIM”

88. Greet Friends during their birthdays.

89. Treat My mom’s Sister on a Spa or Dining


90. Buy Personal Refrigerator and washing machine

91. Buy Massage Chair for Mama and Papa

92. Buy GUESS jeans

93. Format my desktop

94. be a volunteer on the 2010 election

95. Re-organize my drawer at the office

96. post an average of 8 blogs per month

97. Be a Part of any historical Event

98. Document re-newal (PRC license, Passport)

99. Be a volunteer on any life saving activities or events

100. own a White low-cut Converse (All Star) (completed: Nov 9, 2009)

101.Buy my dream Cellphone for this year (2009) coz my phone is 3 years now. (sira na… :-() (completed: Nov 25, 2009)


30 thoughts on “my 101 in 1001 days

  1. congats inay.. you already done with number 63..

    hmmmm im waiting for the number 77 hahahahahahha

  2. hmmm.. great. you gave me an idea. so you’ll pick me up in the airport, one of your dreams di ba.hmmmm. sige..

  3. hey your #20 is a date with me… pwamis! It’s in my #32! When will it be?

  4. get started on #7 while the trend is bullish and stocks are relatively cheap 🙂

  5. hoy #63, sama nu ko!!! (“,)

  6. no problem den… you are in… nyahahaha… 😉

  7. wow, lahat talaga ito ay “in-progress” ? naka-italic e….

  8. Wow! kamiss naman si Inay hehehe. Yes, this is the usual Ma’am Ann I used to work with. Self-starter and highly motivated hehehe

  9. inay isama mo naman ako sa number 84 kahit di tayo barkada!hehehe. hmmmn, hamo pag uwi ko at nagpacurl ako ng hair e tatawagan kita para mangyari na yung number 69 mo. hehehe… miss you inay…cute ng list mo, wish ko magawa mo lahat yan siemps… mwaahugz!

  10. Sister, lagyan natin nh #102: Dating anybody / or to “somebody” every weekend….

  11. khit ano. 🙂

    kung sakali lng nmn n dagdagan ni yvette hehehe…

  12. ann, ung no.87 cno un?

  13. ayos n bawasan ng isa.

    db 98 tapos n?

  14. …kalurkey ang plan mo….:D nice to see na in working progress sya…
    excited ako sa #87….MEET HIM….kami din want namin ma meet 😀

  15. nice one love this!!!!hehehe

  16. wow!?..updated ba to mam?..hheeh..May 15, 2012?!..a long way ahead to accomplish this activities!..pero inspiring mam kaka inggit mgkaroon nang gnyang plans..heheh..kelan
    kaya mag kaka-dash yung #87?..hehe..

    a sign of a very well organized mam ann…heheehh..

  17. nag iisip pa ko mam 4 pa lang na pplno ko..hehe..

  18. Inay, ndi na to updated ahhhhh

  19. inay, hindi na yata updated yung list mo? 1000 days? almost 3 years ito ha? harry potter tapos na…

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