Ann's Mind

and her mind speaks…….


extreme opposites…

today I will receive what I have waited for almost 6 months…happy just for today or just for the moment when I have confirmed that I’ll be getting something. (thanks to my bosses for follow-up…)

but am I really happy or not?

I just keep on saying to my self and to those who listen to my advises that as long as you are happy with what you are doing, everything will be fine. Good things will follow. That’s what I believe,but does it really goes that way???
Does everything follow?

Hmmm…may be not…not “all”

There should always be a contrast
for us to appreciate good from bad, wants from not wants, beautiful from ugly and all other sort of extreme opposites…

What is only clear is we always have a “C”, a CHOICE
what to Feel,What to appreciate, what to believe, what to follow, what to accept or simply what we want…

Whether it is positive or negative, it is still by CHOICE….




“I’m glad it’s you” by kelly sabi ni itay…

“i’m glad its you” a remarkable reply from a text that says “ikaw ba yan?”…

during lunch time talk, my twin soul(itay) open a topic on how he and his wife met. When they first see each other…Starstruck daw…:) then exchanged of no. and they become textmates…time passes by.. then become husband and wife and now they have then super cute angel miguel..

it proves that the “im glad its you” reply was effective.. nyahahah..

how inspiring..:D