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“I’m glad it’s you” by kelly sabi ni itay…


“i’m glad its you” a remarkable reply from a text that says “ikaw ba yan?”…

during lunch time talk, my twin soul(itay) open a topic on how he and his wife met. When they first see each other…Starstruck daw…:) then exchanged of no. and they become textmates…time passes by.. then become husband and wife and now they have then super cute angel miguel..

it proves that the “im glad its you” reply was effective.. nyahahah..

how inspiring..:D


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

5 thoughts on ““I’m glad it’s you” by kelly sabi ni itay…

  1. waahhh really???? me ganung moment pala si itay,,,, parang di bagay…… pero kakilig… 🙂

  2. ung time n ganyan di masasabing pagkakataon lng. it,s a destiny, they met in the pass and years of no hello. in a glimps of an eye”bkit di ko p snbi syo dati?”- coz dati di mo alam kung pano mgstart,,, parang ganun …

    my sense b? kung wala sorry.
    magulo lng isip ko ngaun

  3. ann, ito ung sinasabi ko n hinahanap ko, sa wakas nkta ko rin. hehehehe

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