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BoRaCay get-Away

Some time in march 2009… I was privileged to have a pleasure trip in one of the most wonderful beach in the word… our Very own BoRaCay…:)

Just last year(2008), I said to my self that I need to be in Boracay this year(2009) what ever it takes… and no matter what happend. Fortunately, Boracay was one of the option in the pleasure trip that was given to us by the company. I was with some girlash(babaeng babae….:) friends from the office, my boss and his wife… as if we were a sister of six and my boss and his wife were our parents… hahaha.. we had a great adventures with the help of one local from the island named Allan ( I missed kuya Allan….). He toured us to the great place and share to us the water adventures that boracay island could offer.

  • Boracay sunset…
boracay sunset.....

boracay sunset.....

  • boating and island hopping
boating and island hopping

boating and island hopping

@ the magic island...:)

@ the magic island...:)

  • Banana boat ride
riding banana boat...:)

riding banana boat...:)

  • Fly fish ride
getting ready to fly with fly fish...

getting ready to fly with fly fish...

  • ATV
ATV Ride

ATV Ride

  • Sand castle picture taking
Boracay Sand Castle...

Boracay Sand Castle...

  • Beach side breakfast
breakfact near the beach

breakfast near the beach

  • White sand trippings
walking on the white fine sand of boracay

walking on the white fine sand of boracay

Sand writting

Sand writting

  • Para-sailing (my ultimate favorite…I felt as if I’m a bird… nyahahahah)
for take off...

for take off...

up up and away...

up up and away...

and many more exciting adventures…

from then on, I promised to my self that I need to go back in this place together with my family (cross finger) for them to experience what I have felt…

Till then boracay island….:)


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Sacrificial lamb….

As we live our lives, there were instances that we need to do something for others to save them…

There is a saying that:
“No man is an island”

People used to live with families, friends,enemies and sometimes strangers whom they did know. We can never tell if they were being loved or being betrayed. For a good Pips, they will never think of any bad deeds that can be casted to them. They will always be optimistic and have a positive view on things. Doing good things for others is such a normal phenomenon.

For devils advocates, they might want to ask…

Is it worth-it to do good things for people whom you treated nice and considered friends but suddenly betrayed you??? apparently not. If only we could knew who are our enemies, life could be more easier to live. but it is not made that way.

Sometimes, their should be a SACRIFICIAL LAMB, to save others from failure, devastation, humiliation, criticism and danger. There should be like them to wake-up situation, people and minds. We might pity them at first but who knows, they could be hero someday….(parang si ninoy aquino lang a… nyahahahaha)


10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged CD

This album of 10,000 Maniacs has been my one of my Driving Force… (as in DRIVING Force)

10000 maniacs unplugged

10000 maniacs unplugged

Back then, when I was much younger than now (I’m Still young.. nyahahaha) I was inspired by this album which was played in the stereo of my fave Kuya(cousin). As I can recall I usually heard these songs when I was playing in the Swing.

Since then, I always want to hear this album during the times that I want to have some moment with my self. This Album became my favorite maybe because I heard this trough my Kuya (Who has a big influence in my whole being….:) .

Till one DAY, I told to my self that I need to hear this album being played inside the car and the Driver is ME. Sounds like a simple want… but seems to be one of the Ultimate Goal for ANN… It sticks to my mind that I should hear this inside the car, (hahahahaha…addict ).

Time passes by,until an opportunity to buy has come. Fortunately with the will of the LORD, We had our CAR. (God, thanks for this blessing…:) It was also in my goal to buy a CAR for my Papa Nick. (pede na ko mamatay pag nagawa ko un…) luckily I didn’t die… hahahahahaha..

….thus, with a simple album drives to have a real car to drive….:)

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So sad about this day….:'( (july 21, 2009,tuesday)

I woke-up so early this morning ‘coz i need to be at the office before 7:00 a.m., due to color coding. I managed to be in our office compound before the said time(yheeepee!!!) If I were a basketball player,I might call my self a buzzer beater (yesss!!! i made it….;D )

I was so also excited for this day ‘coz we were scheduled to watch Harry Potter 6. My cousin Babel, jolo and jen wait for me to go to the movie house all together at around 6 pm…so we went to SM Manila….:)

We really enjoyed the film. Giggle, laugh, nervous,scared and other sort of feelings that a HP addict could ever had. I really felt SO SAD when Dumbledore Died. Of course I knew that he will be killed by the Half blood Prince using the unforgivable curse (AVADA KADAVRA) . But I can’t help my self of expecting that the Hogwart’s head master could live again…how I wish I could rewind the film, but definitely i really can’t. My chest was so heavy (ang bigat sa dibdib)…until the film has ended.

While leaving the movie house and talking about what we watched…I had a strange feeling when I knew that my wallet was lost…Again SO SAD…whhhhaaaaa

I run back to the cinema and hoping that I could find it again. I even asked the help of the crew and guard to assist me in finding my precios wallet but we failed…:( how I wish I could be my wallet to know where I’am…

As if I lost alot…:

  • Dumbledore
  • my JDA Leather wallet
  • My ATM
  • My credit Card
  • My license
  • and ID’s

hope I could have them back again….:( huhuhuhuhuh…..

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>>>Rain falls (Buhos ng ulan)<<<

One time, a new found friend (NFF… nyhahahahaha…)shared to me his thoughts when the RAIN FALLS…

He said that their was a time in his being that he cried when the RAIN FALLS. He remembered the instances when he was left by his mom for work. He beg his mom to stay but she never listened, this friend was always left with his auntie who used to have other precedence aside from him. He always felt that he was all alone specially when the RAIN FALLS, thus he saw him self crying.

He even composed a song entitled “BUHOS NG ULAN” and some of the lyrics goes something like these:

Marami ng naririnig, marami ng nakitang katotohanan,ngunit sadyang bulag at sugatan…

ayokong isipin na wala…wala… walang mapapala sa kakahintay ko syo…

Bakit di mapagbigyan??? Umaambon at Umuulan nanaman…

Ayoko nang maramdaman ang pag-buhos ng Ulan, nananaginip nanaman ako…

Ayoko nang maramdaman ang pag buhos ng ulan, nagtataka kung bakit ganito????

I guess, he just felt sad when it rains because of this exprience he had. Even now, when we talk, then saddenly it rains…he will always says “hala ang lakas ng ulan, Umuulan nanaman”….

For plants, frogs,farmers and little children who want to play with rain….they could felt happier when the rain pours but for this NFF…its not…;'(

…….pre magdala ka nalang ng payong nyahahahaha…..(just to make him laugh)…:)

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Ann’s collection of Expressions…

Here are Ann’s collection of expressions…

>Tambling – refers to all negative stuff. what ever it is

>Joinx – expression if you are acknowledging idea, but you have violent reaction on it

>Kamote – use to replace bad word that you want to speak

>May-pag-mama – this prefix evolved from the barkada:

  • taas – has pride
  • galing – being boustful /epal
  • ganda – feeling beautiful
  • etc…:)

>teka,teka, wait,wait, timefirst,timefirst – asking to spare additional time.

>inom ka tubig (drink water) -an act that I usually said/recommend to someone after I have talked to them negatively.

> why not chocnut – simply “why not”

>impossible Dream – Simply impossible”

>Ibig sabihon – “meaning”

>Epaloids- being “ma-papel”

>Pusang Kinulot – replacement of the bad word…”P…..”( para di bad)

>LITSUGAS- replacement for the bad word “L…..”(LECHE -plan, para di bad)

….and there will be more soon…..:)