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Ann’s collection of Expressions…

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Here are Ann’s collection of expressions…

>Tambling – refers to all negative stuff. what ever it is

>Joinx – expression if you are acknowledging idea, but you have violent reaction on it

>Kamote – use to replace bad word that you want to speak

>May-pag-mama – this prefix evolved from the barkada:

  • taas – has pride
  • galing – being boustful /epal
  • ganda – feeling beautiful
  • etc…:)

>teka,teka, wait,wait, timefirst,timefirst – asking to spare additional time.

>inom ka tubig (drink water) -an act that I usually said/recommend to someone after I have talked to them negatively.

> why not chocnut – simply “why not”

>impossible Dream – Simply impossible”

>Ibig sabihon – “meaning”

>Epaloids- being “ma-papel”

>Pusang Kinulot – replacement of the bad word…”P…..”( para di bad)

>LITSUGAS- replacement for the bad word “L…..”(LECHE -plan, para di bad)

….and there will be more soon…..:)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

One thought on “Ann’s collection of Expressions…

  1. if i will just add here an old expression that is also a home-grown: “serdate” also a word to replace just anything that can be said or expressed… and “boldjak” for another work for “tambling”

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