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>>>Rain falls (Buhos ng ulan)<<<

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One time, a new found friend (NFF… nyhahahahaha…)shared to me his thoughts when the RAIN FALLS…

He said that their was a time in his being that he cried when the RAIN FALLS. He remembered the instances when he was left by his mom for work. He beg his mom to stay but she never listened, this friend was always left with his auntie who used to have other precedence aside from him. He always felt that he was all alone specially when the RAIN FALLS, thus he saw him self crying.

He even composed a song entitled “BUHOS NG ULAN” and some of the lyrics goes something like these:

Marami ng naririnig, marami ng nakitang katotohanan,ngunit sadyang bulag at sugatan…

ayokong isipin na wala…wala… walang mapapala sa kakahintay ko syo…

Bakit di mapagbigyan??? Umaambon at Umuulan nanaman…

Ayoko nang maramdaman ang pag-buhos ng Ulan, nananaginip nanaman ako…

Ayoko nang maramdaman ang pag buhos ng ulan, nagtataka kung bakit ganito????

I guess, he just felt sad when it rains because of this exprience he had. Even now, when we talk, then saddenly it rains…he will always says “hala ang lakas ng ulan, Umuulan nanaman”….

For plants, frogs,farmers and little children who want to play with rain….they could felt happier when the rain pours but for this NFF…its not…;'(

…….pre magdala ka nalang ng payong nyahahahaha…..(just to make him laugh)…:)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

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