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So sad about this day….:'( (july 21, 2009,tuesday)

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I woke-up so early this morning ‘coz i need to be at the office before 7:00 a.m., due to color coding. I managed to be in our office compound before the said time(yheeepee!!!) If I were a basketball player,I might call my self a buzzer beater (yesss!!! i made it….;D )

I was so also excited for this day ‘coz we were scheduled to watch Harry Potter 6. My cousin Babel, jolo and jen wait for me to go to the movie house all together at around 6 pm…so we went to SM Manila….:)

We really enjoyed the film. Giggle, laugh, nervous,scared and other sort of feelings that a HP addict could ever had. I really felt SO SAD when Dumbledore Died. Of course I knew that he will be killed by the Half blood Prince using the unforgivable curse (AVADA KADAVRA) . But I can’t help my self of expecting that the Hogwart’s head master could live again…how I wish I could rewind the film, but definitely i really can’t. My chest was so heavy (ang bigat sa dibdib)…until the film has ended.

While leaving the movie house and talking about what we watched…I had a strange feeling when I knew that my wallet was lost…Again SO SAD…whhhhaaaaa

I run back to the cinema and hoping that I could find it again. I even asked the help of the crew and guard to assist me in finding my precios wallet but we failed…:( how I wish I could be my wallet to know where I’am…

As if I lost alot…:

  • Dumbledore
  • my JDA Leather wallet
  • My ATM
  • My credit Card
  • My license
  • and ID’s

hope I could have them back again….:( huhuhuhuhuh…..


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

One thought on “So sad about this day….:'( (july 21, 2009,tuesday)

  1. now you know what you’ll get this xmas from me…..LV?…Coach?….(or better – a leather DUMBLEDORE wallet!…hahhaha)….did you know his character is gay?????

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