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10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged CD


This album of 10,000 Maniacs has been my one of my Driving Force… (as in DRIVING Force)

10000 maniacs unplugged

10000 maniacs unplugged

Back then, when I was much younger than now (I’m Still young.. nyahahaha) I was inspired by this album which was played in the stereo of my fave Kuya(cousin). As I can recall I usually heard these songs when I was playing in the Swing.

Since then, I always want to hear this album during the times that I want to have some moment with my self. This Album became my favorite maybe because I heard this trough my Kuya (Who has a big influence in my whole being….:) .

Till one DAY, I told to my self that I need to hear this album being played inside the car and the Driver is ME. Sounds like a simple want… but seems to be one of the Ultimate Goal for ANN… It sticks to my mind that I should hear this inside the car, (hahahahaha…addict ).

Time passes by,until an opportunity to buy has come. Fortunately with the will of the LORD, We had our CAR. (God, thanks for this blessing…:) It was also in my goal to buy a CAR for my Papa Nick. (pede na ko mamatay pag nagawa ko un…) luckily I didn’t die… hahahahahaha..

….thus, with a simple album drives to have a real car to drive….:)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

3 thoughts on “10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged CD

  1. Tumutunog ba ito? nyahaha….sige soli mo na CD ko, miss ko na e…. Burn some more CDs for our kids and grandkids! Long live 10,003 maniacs (with Babel, Aann & Tolits)

  2. eto pala yung nawawala ko na cd!!!….
    hey, I got another one for you – a compilation of 80’s new wave music – OMD, Chamelions,Wild Swans, etc….i downloaded these (legally!)…I’ll give this to you…
    I’m sure these will make a nice “road trip” sounds….

    • nyahahaha…hala kay babel ko kaya nakuha un… hihihi.. pero it really drives me talaga.. salamat po…:) I’ll be waiting for that compilation… excited na ko…yeheeeyyyy…:) see you kuya… sobrang miss ka na namin…. chat tayo… may sweswenta ko… nyahahahahaha…:)

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