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Sacrificial lamb….

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As we live our lives, there were instances that we need to do something for others to save them…

There is a saying that:
“No man is an island”

People used to live with families, friends,enemies and sometimes strangers whom they did know. We can never tell if they were being loved or being betrayed. For a good Pips, they will never think of any bad deeds that can be casted to them. They will always be optimistic and have a positive view on things. Doing good things for others is such a normal phenomenon.

For devils advocates, they might want to ask…

Is it worth-it to do good things for people whom you treated nice and considered friends but suddenly betrayed you??? apparently not. If only we could knew who are our enemies, life could be more easier to live. but it is not made that way.

Sometimes, their should be a SACRIFICIAL LAMB, to save others from failure, devastation, humiliation, criticism and danger. There should be like them to wake-up situation, people and minds. We might pity them at first but who knows, they could be hero someday….(parang si ninoy aquino lang a… nyahahahaha)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

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