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not meant to be…

Can we do something about things that are not meant to be???

Is it really worth to do every little things, that were not meant to happen? May be because of the “HOPE” factor that an expecting person has, but until when does the this needs to last???not meant2

Besides all the effort that one has exerted… still nothing happened. Probably it is simply because it was not meant to be.

If everything in this world was destined to become, even without much effort…. it will happened. Some things are un-explainable and un-expected. but there is this sort or magic (should i say ‘coz  I’m an HP fanatic) that controls the situation and let it be done on its PErFecT time.

we just need to bear in mind that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”. whatever it is, let us just believe that it is for the BEST….

just to add a quote from itay (i just don’t kung san nya to nahalukay…nyahahaha…)

“Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before…”



say it again… marie digby

as an acoustic lover, i really appreciate the song of Marie Digby. aside from being lovely, she really rocks…(she’s my crush…but i’m girl huh…. no confusion about that… 🙂 )

with her self- titled album “SAy iT AgAin” this song gives me its real meaning. The lyrics of this song reminds me of say_it_again_coversomeone who used to say that he is in love… (nyahahaha…what wonderful feeling daw :-)). He used to say this to someone but he usually heard the word “thank you”(joinx! seems to be not the appropriate answer). For all he know, he was not appreciated….(joinx again.. and again and again). With its lyrics, he might find the answer.

Say it again for me, Cuz i love the way it feels when you are telling me that i`m The only one who blows your mind

Say it again for me, It`s like the whole world stops to listen when you tell me you`re in love.

being hooked with the song, I even search for the chords and learn to play it on my guitar..:-). Fortunately the chords were easy (wheee…) then I played the music and sung.

May be this song was inspired by the feeling of being given an attention by someone who is vocal to his love…

yeah, what a song…:-)


Sadness is an option:-(, happiness is a choice…:-)

a remarkable line stocked in to my mind as I have watched a movie few days ago…

Suffering is an Option, Happiness is a choice” derek ramsay, and I love you so…

I just would like to re-word it as “Sadness 😦 is an OPTION, Happiness 🙂 is a CHOICE.”

winking-smiley-carried-by-sad-and-angry-ones-thumb3871588lately I have felt this feeling of sadness that disturbed my normal habits. As I termed it in tagalog, “Ang Panget, ang panget talaga sa pakiramdam”. As if I am waiting, expecting, missing, and wishing for something to happen. Sadness sunk in to me, then I knew that it is an OPTION to feel sad. As my friends asked me if I’m Okay, then I said I’m not, it was again an OPTION not to feel Okay. I saw my self looking to the stuff that reminds me of that “something“, then I though it is an OPTION of not moving on…

…all these OPTIONS made negative moods occupies me…sad_smiley

then I realized that there is a CHOICE to focus on positive things…Like Happiness.

Being happy is a CHOICE for us to feel light and great. We just need to remember and filter out all positive things that were associated to this mood. Like people who make us laugh, stuff that make us smile and those that inspires us. There is always a way not to feel frustrated.

No one can RULE our Happiness:-), It is only us who can RULE our self…smiley

Stay….Happy and always live the day as if it is your LAST….



Dementors is define as soulless creatures considered to be among the foulest beasts on Earth. They are soul-sucking fiends who guard the wizard prison in Azkaban, It sucks happy memories of a person and leave them unconscious.

It is unbelievable that there could be a real dementors around…(OMG!!!!) These people’s objective is to disturb, tease, bully,criticize and encourage all sort of negative moods that a man could have. I really want to know if they really felt satisfied when they annoy someone(joinx…..) here a feature of their hands…hihihihi

Dementor's hand

Dementor's hand

all we need to do is to be equipted :

  • with happy memories…
  • always have chocolates…
  • and have your magic wand and always be ready to cast patronus charm (Expecto Patronum)

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Sudden shift….

…nothing is constant but “CHANGE”

we all live by the day…some of our act, people who meets, tasks, responsibilities and routines might be same as yesterday but there could be even a slight difference than how we dealt with it previously.

maybe today, we are happy of what is happening currently but we really cannot tell. Nothing is constant but change…(hayyysttt…)

some moments of our lives might be favorable and touching to us but this might not last forever. We just need to cherish the moment while is it happening and remember it when we missed it. (don’t let dementor sucks these.. nyahahah).

a remarkable phrase was once said to me…” don’t do things that you cannot sustain” this might probably true because if we get used to it, then suddenly it’s gone, we will truly missed it… but nothing is constant but change…

what is important here is be open for changes because these might lead to a better opportunity…:p

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she has lived her “DASH” to the fullest….

… a woman of peace, mother of nation, leader of free people and god’s advocate has live her “DASH” to the fullest…

1933 - 2009
1933 2009

A week a go, I have read a blog that has something to do with the “DASH”. The literal DASH that is being seen in ones epitaph when they have finally come to an end. It signifies the life that one has lived. I just can’t help of relating this to the life that has lived by the woman who shared her life for the good of many.

…and she was President Corazon “Cory” Cojuanco Aquino.

A woman of courage, love, kindness, simplicity, moral, religion, wit and good heart. I can relate all of these to a single adjective and that is “GREATNESS”. For all the obstacle and sacrifices that she has to walk through, she remains pure and dignified.

She proved to everyone that life can be lived positively. It doesn’t matter how painful or hard it is, as long as there are hope and courage to face all the hindrances than comes along the way, we can always succeed. Her strong faith with the lord equipted her to deal with the challenges of life.

Thank you Tita Cory for sharing your life to the Filipino people and reminds us to be proud of who we are. May you really find the true success and happiness together with our creator…

Good bye and till then…:)

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The little Guy who makes me smile…:)

…the very day I met this little guy…I saw my self wearing a priceless smile…

the little guy who makes me smile and laugh...

the little guy who makes me smile and laugh...

May 19, 2008 was the day to be exact when I had a chance to met this guy… a lovable living thing who break all barriers that I thought to be unbreakable.

I used to be a hard-hearted to one of my sibling before. As if I thought that there will never come a time we could be okay…People around me said that time will come that we will be all right…

‘ til one day I was soften by an angle…an angle that made everything light…

…and we named him Dylan Gabriel, a.k.a:

  • SeMpilentoix,
  • Bok-bok,
  • BoOm-bOom,
  • nik-nok

He is like a stress reliever, laugh creator, mood setter and smile generator for me and the whole family…

I hope that this little guy lives his life with pull of happiness, love, kindness and optimism…. no bitterness, hattred and doubt that may distrurb his innocent belief.

break a leg sempilentoinx….:D