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He(Ondoy) brought out the kindness within…

Last Sept 26,2009 (Saturday), I thougth it was just a regular rainy day for me to live through. I drove to the office for work without any idea of what would happened on the succeeding hours. At around 11:00 am, the rain started to get strong due to typhoon named “ONDOY” , flood water started to fill-in the entire office compound. At first, we really don’t mind ‘coz we’re used of having water in the area during high-tide. Until we got surprised when we observed that the water level goes deeper and deeper. Cars started to be submerged into the water and mine was one of those… 😦 .In the afternoon, no-one could leave the office because roads where all gone. We have no way to walk, not unless we hit the flood.594749_9399_625x625

And the night comes, We were one of those (actually most of the people that time)who got stocked in the place where we’re not with our families. We were hungry but no fast-food and resturant (karinderia) wants to deliver. Fortunately, merchandising department was within the same building so they share their product sampling(food) for us to eat. T-shirts to be used for free were given for those who needs to change cloths.

In our place in bulacan, some of those who owns a house with 2nd level offered shelter to those families who needed to evacuate from their places.

As I watched the news from the internet, a lot of fund drives went on for the flood victims. Volunteers went outside to extent their help. People across the globe send their monitary contribution to respective foundation to help victims. Private sectors give-away foods and necessities for the evacuees. Rescue teams striving hard to find the missings.

This calamity has brought devastation to many, but God is good to have all those people around who wants to help those who are most in need. Let us pray for the soul of those who were perished, and courage for those who were left. Maybe our mind cannot deem why all these things happening, but one thing is for sure… god will always be around to save us in times of peril.

for those who still wants to help, you may send your pledges to:



IT team building….

…It’s been a part of our department’s yearly activity that usually make us super excited and busy…

The IT Team Building. We used to combine two gatherings in one event, Outing and team building in one (Para tipid..hehehe). 2009 TE was our 5th, if I’m not mistaken…(sorry nakalimutan ko na..)

a moment of fun, laughter, equality, freedom, excitement and camaraderie that make us all bonded as a tb2009 We prepared lots of game that has an objective to develop the good relationship among the group. We attribute each task as a “project” being given to each team. We need to think of the best technique to achieve goals and objective. With the fun that it brought, we really enjoyed the moment of doing the task even if some were tricky and confusing (kunwari… hahahah).

We have 5 teams which were grouped equally. 1 representative from each of our store was requested to come and join the event. No Boss and Staff, everyone was equality treated. It’s so nice to see that everybody participated, no KJ’s (Kill Joy) (kasi ang KJ Ibabaon.. nyahahaha). Each individuals proved their worth and made their team fight to be the ultimate survivor Tribe.

For the supplies, each of us have pledges to add on our food, drinks and snack (kaya ang dami ng chibog…whee…) .

As to this date, we are all close as if we’re bro and sis. Some of those who have been a part of this event were not with us but still they keep in touch (in their most possible way).

This really shows that friendship, bonding, and links were built among us that will always be there as long as we live…


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Firework is a low explosive pyrotechnic device used primarily for aesthetic and entertainment purposes as defined in wiki. Different colored fires that shower the darkness as same as confetti.

It is really fascinating to watch this form of art that floats and light the sky. As to my age, I was so mesmerized by it, as if China_Kyling_Fireworks_Display_Shell.jpgthe world stops revolving and time stops running when I look into it. I should say, I’am really a fireworks addict.

I remember during the first pyrolympics (2007) held here in the Philippines. I asked my friends from the office to go with me and watch the event. We bumped into heavy traffic going to the site. Since I cannot afford to Missed the moment, I even got out if the jeep and run across the street to witness the first country to present. (wheew…Pumayat ako sa pag takbo…hahaha). On the succeeding presentations, I asked my cousin (Nho) and my Sis(Soc) to go and watch. Like me, they were addicts too ( nyahahahah). Our elders (tatanda na kasi.. hihihi) got angry on us because they thought we’re just wasting out time for nothing (Di kasi kami nag-paalam, joinx). fireworks1

The next year, another event was held on the same ground. This time, those who got angry joined us together with the whole clan (hahaha, ang dami namin…:-)) and they were now addicts too…:-).

Whenever I heard the sound of it, I really run to find where does it came from…Watching fireworks makes me feel as if I’m a kid again. How I wish, the moment while watching never stops (hhhaaaysssttt).

This year another pyro-olympic is about to happen, the 2009 Pyro-Olympics which was Scheduled on November. I’m so excited,I really can’t wait to see this… wheee…:-)


having all the means…:)

… It is so nice to know that we have powers to do things that might have a big impact to others. I used to be a favor giver, helper, provider for those who are in need. I should say, I’m generous in my own little way (walang kokontra, in my own little way nga e…may pag-aangat ng sarili…:-)) I will give favor toearth people without expecting anything as long as I can do it.

Recently I learned that I have all the means of doing things…(winner!!!) . I can Extend help trough the help of others. Many incidents aided me to analyze that people think that it is me who have the guts to make things happen (‘nauto ata nila ko..joinx..) .I’m not saying that I have connections, influences, and dominance on things. It’s just that, whenever I need to inquire, ask, request and plea for something, i often received a positive response (I can attribute this to positive karma…:-).

Helping those who surrounds me is one of my objective in life. I do not expect anything in return.

I just want to count the relationship that was being developed and the friendship that will be treasured forever.

this is the greatest reward that anyone could have…

Need help…..(nyahahahaha…:-))