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having all the means…:)


… It is so nice to know that we have powers to do things that might have a big impact to others. I used to be a favor giver, helper, provider for those who are in need. I should say, I’m generous in my own little way (walang kokontra, in my own little way nga e…may pag-aangat ng sarili…:-)) I will give favor toearth people without expecting anything as long as I can do it.

Recently I learned that I have all the means of doing things…(winner!!!) . I can Extend help trough the help of others. Many incidents aided me to analyze that people think that it is me who have the guts to make things happen (‘nauto ata nila ko..joinx..) .I’m not saying that I have connections, influences, and dominance on things. It’s just that, whenever I need to inquire, ask, request and plea for something, i often received a positive response (I can attribute this to positive karma…:-).

Helping those who surrounds me is one of my objective in life. I do not expect anything in return.

I just want to count the relationship that was being developed and the friendship that will be treasured forever.

this is the greatest reward that anyone could have…

Need help…..(nyahahahaha…:-))


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

9 thoughts on “having all the means…:)

  1. Nice post! Building relationships is very important. No matter how strong we are, we sometimes need the help of others. It is also rewarding to know that even the little things we do can create an impact on others.

  2. wow winner… na winner ka tlaaga inay.. 🙂

    that’s why your one of those people in my life that i look up to.. hope someday i could be like the slightest of you( hindi tlga buo) mahirap na baka mapasubo… harharhar

  3. haha…… inay… mangungulit lang… hindi ba paulit ulit ulit ung mga words mo… hahahahha tapos may wrong grammammmmmar ata dun sa iba…. ahhahaha kulitan lang…. importante lam mo ung sinasabi mo….. oki docs

    • yes naman si itay… di halata na binasa mo talaga ang blog ng bonggang bonga.. hahaha..

      I have corrected the word…

      thanks for the comment…:)

  4. priceless ka inay,

    on behalf of Mamat, we deeply express our gratitude for unselfish people like you.

    Indeed, God provides. 🙂

  5. this is definitely cool ann! nice post! super like it! ahehehe..

    • ahahah.. thanks diey, “super like it” talaga ha… at dahil yan sa resibo… nyahahah.. thanks for the comment… 🙂

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