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Firework is a low explosive pyrotechnic device used primarily for aesthetic and entertainment purposes as defined in wiki. Different colored fires that shower the darkness as same as confetti.

It is really fascinating to watch this form of art that floats and light the sky. As to my age, I was so mesmerized by it, as if China_Kyling_Fireworks_Display_Shell.jpgthe world stops revolving and time stops running when I look into it. I should say, I’am really a fireworks addict.

I remember during the first pyrolympics (2007) held here in the Philippines. I asked my friends from the office to go with me and watch the event. We bumped into heavy traffic going to the site. Since I cannot afford to Missed the moment, I even got out if the jeep and run across the street to witness the first country to present. (wheew…Pumayat ako sa pag takbo…hahaha). On the succeeding presentations, I asked my cousin (Nho) and my Sis(Soc) to go and watch. Like me, they were addicts too ( nyahahahah). Our elders (tatanda na kasi.. hihihi) got angry on us because they thought we’re just wasting out time for nothing (Di kasi kami nag-paalam, joinx). fireworks1

The next year, another event was held on the same ground. This time, those who got angry joined us together with the whole clan (hahaha, ang dami namin…:-)) and they were now addicts too…:-).

Whenever I heard the sound of it, I really run to find where does it came from…Watching fireworks makes me feel as if I’m a kid again. How I wish, the moment while watching never stops (hhhaaaysssttt).

This year another pyro-olympic is about to happen, the 2009 Pyro-Olympics which was Scheduled on November. I’m so excited,I really can’t wait to see this… wheee…:-)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

One thought on “…fireworks…wheee….

  1. masarap kunan ng pics mga tao dito sa pyrolympics, nkatingala na nakanganga wehehehehe!

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