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IT team building….


…It’s been a part of our department’s yearly activity that usually make us super excited and busy…

The IT Team Building. We used to combine two gatherings in one event, Outing and team building in one (Para tipid..hehehe). 2009 TE was our 5th, if I’m not mistaken…(sorry nakalimutan ko na..)

a moment of fun, laughter, equality, freedom, excitement and camaraderie that make us all bonded as a tb2009 We prepared lots of game that has an objective to develop the good relationship among the group. We attribute each task as a “project” being given to each team. We need to think of the best technique to achieve goals and objective. With the fun that it brought, we really enjoyed the moment of doing the task even if some were tricky and confusing (kunwari… hahahah).

We have 5 teams which were grouped equally. 1 representative from each of our store was requested to come and join the event. No Boss and Staff, everyone was equality treated. It’s so nice to see that everybody participated, no KJ’s (Kill Joy) (kasi ang KJ Ibabaon.. nyahahaha). Each individuals proved their worth and made their team fight to be the ultimate survivor Tribe.

For the supplies, each of us have pledges to add on our food, drinks and snack (kaya ang dami ng chibog…whee…) .

As to this date, we are all close as if we’re bro and sis. Some of those who have been a part of this event were not with us but still they keep in touch (in their most possible way).

This really shows that friendship, bonding, and links were built among us that will always be there as long as we live…



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2 thoughts on “IT team building….

  1. sana po kahit bumukod na kami 🙂 sana next TB eh makasama pa rin ako 🙂 i will gonna miss every Happy or Sad occasions/events in PG Family…. hays .. isa pang malalim na hays… dagdagan ko pa ng isang TEARY EYES (T_T). waaa nalulungkot nanaman ako

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