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12 in a dozen…


Dedicated to my college barkada… 😉

…some have gone for a while and got backed,

some are leaving but promised to be backed.

…some will be arriving and

I’m so excited about that…

(nyhahaha it rhymes… 🙂 )


A dozen of Eggs were hatched and had different directions and fate to pass. These are “US” who were motivated by goals and visions we created for our selves and loved ones.

We are 12 in the group that werebrought together by ideas, likes, interests and aspiration. Since then , we  envision success. Having this driving force, most of these berks need to desert the country for a while to explore more with what they have.  It might be hard for them to leave but that’s part of the sacrifice. With that, just need to bear in mind that all of these are worth doing if we believed that these are what we dreamed before.  Just savour the moment of being in a place where we in  as  perks and  take some pictures that will add to  life’s history. (anyways all of you have your winner cameras…. 🙂 )

Break a leg to each of these EGGS



don’t quit…

I started to hear and live with these words during my high-school era in our CAT Officer’s training.

Today, these words worked for me again…

Another technical challenge has tested my perseverance (nyahahaha… :-D)

To said it briefly, I used to do “store set-up” (part of my job… :-)) every last quarter of the year. As to the processes and “to do’s”, we are at easdont-quite of doing it ‘coz we had a lot of stores put on operation. We were not surprised, not like before if two stores will open on the same day (…wheww.. :-D). Having this demand, our team needs to split and work to different location simultaneously.

Me and my group were on the process of configuring the Front-end application until some glitches showed up. We did a lot of trouble shooting and isolation but it’s not that simple. My colleague advised to re-do the procedure but that would definitely be our last option.

…and so we decided to take a break and have some bread and drinks in ” Julie’s Bakery”. When we got back, we analyzed and got focus on the problem. We also sought help and recommendations, did trial and error until it was fixed. Of course we don’t have a choice but to fixed it(joinx… :-D)

Simply by not Quitting, it would certainly leads to a successful outcome….(Winner!!! :-D)

new ideas were being learned and my team didn’t got frustrated… hahahaha

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and the baby is now a lady…owwsss???

this is for SOC….

October 18 is the date of birth of my youngest Sister, Ma. Soccoro (a.k.a SOC). She is also the youngest Agustin not until Dylan came around (joinx… ;-)) . This baby is now turning to become a lady today (October 18, 2009). We didn’t use to prepare debut celebration ‘coz it’s some kinda ma drama… :-D, but the family promised a gathering once she passed the Board Exam..break a leg… 🙂baby_lady2

I want to describe her as:

  • A girl who has her own style of expressing her talent without much effort of saying it (Humble daw…nyahahaha.!!!).
  • Has an artistic part of her that really amazed us (pagka-kitaan natin yan… :-)).
  • She used to be very active in school news paper ever since she was in highschool and even until now(journalist dapat).
  • Good Dancer
  • Good guitar player (I want to cut her hand… ;-))
  • Good photographer for me
  • My Fan
  • My “tambay” Body
  • My “watching movie” companion.
  • My Photoshop teacher
  • My Driving force
  • My critic
  • My daughter (kala nya minsan nanay nya ko…:-D)
  • One of my best friends
  • My reserve provider (we made a promise, nyahahaha… :-D)

Now that she’s a young adult, she still acts like a kid and that’s fine (ok lang yan.. di ka naman nag-mamadali di ba? :-)) I just want her to be more mature and more responsible. Not to be too sensitive and sumpungin(hahaha…).

Even if she’s now a lady she’ll always be one of those babies I enjoyed taking cared off… 🙂

Happy birthday Teripot!!!… hahahah

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day 283rd of 2009…

This 283rd of 2009, October 10 to be precised was another norm day for me, went to the office for work and did some usual stuff. However, this date shared great happenings to my “Dash” again… 🙂  Here goes the list:

oct10 copy

• Been a part of the relief operation that was organized by the victims themself.

I had a chance to be a volunteer for a small group who wants to help the most in-need fellows in Marikina.

• Easy Fat Burning exercise (whew…. 🙂 )

Part of the action mentioned above was  to transfer the relief packs from 4th floor to ground floor of a building. Almost 250 bags was being carried down to the truck… I felt as if I lost a lot of pounds on that “exercise” (whee!!!)

• Being locked inside the truck for a few minutes for safety purposes.

We have issued claiming stubs for those victims who will receive relief goods because we don’t have enough for all of them. After doing so,  we still have extra packs left to distribute. We asked the people to fall-in line, but commotion has went through :-(. We all got in to the truck then left the area for safety purposes.

• Had 3 (three) Spa services for just P300 (Winner!!! :-))

With the generosity of my cousin’s Friend (Ate Flor), I had spa services for the cheapest possible price i could ever imagine. Don’t forget to mention the “Beef Loaded Shawarma before we started the session.Thanks to her and her “Family Wellness Center”, more power…(i’ll be back)

• My “FACE” was devirginized (nyahahaha…joinx… :-o)

I had my first ever Facial Treatment, and it was really “ooouuuccchhh!!!” (But then again, thanks to Ate flor and her staff Joy…:-)).

Having theses experiences that adds-up to my “dash”, I would like to thank the people who made all these possible… 🙂


pay it forward…(^^,)

People often do things and expect for a result. Some did it and believes that there is such thing as “payback”. payitforward_bloggerheadBut how many are those who made these just because they simply want to, without expecting anything in return.

Normally, the concept of ‘Utang na Loob” was being noted when “HELP” was given by someone. This cannot be paid by any monetary amount not just like debt. Those who gave favors sometime expect something when the time of needs come across the way.

Someone told me before of the movie entitled “Pay it Forward”. It is about doing good deeds to others and not to those who did something to you. It’s so nice to know that there are people who believes in this perception. They are more after on spreading the favor to new receivers and to the next. It’s a sort of networking where the products/merchandise are goodwill…. (Winner!!! 🙂 ).

As for my self, I actually received gratitude from other people. The feeling of gratefulness was really felt. But what I really want is for them to do the same to others to extend or even multiply the favor (just like some people did to me). With the spread of good deeds, it will lead to a great place to live…wheeeeee….. 😉

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