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pay it forward…(^^,)


People often do things and expect for a result. Some did it and believes that there is such thing as “payback”. payitforward_bloggerheadBut how many are those who made these just because they simply want to, without expecting anything in return.

Normally, the concept of ‘Utang na Loob” was being noted when “HELP” was given by someone. This cannot be paid by any monetary amount not just like debt. Those who gave favors sometime expect something when the time of needs come across the way.

Someone told me before of the movie entitled “Pay it Forward”. It is about doing good deeds to others and not to those who did something to you. It’s so nice to know that there are people who believes in this perception. They are more after on spreading the favor to new receivers and to the next. It’s a sort of networking where the products/merchandise are goodwill…. (Winner!!! 🙂 ).

As for my self, I actually received gratitude from other people. The feeling of gratefulness was really felt. But what I really want is for them to do the same to others to extend or even multiply the favor (just like some people did to me). With the spread of good deeds, it will lead to a great place to live…wheeeeee….. 😉

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Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

13 thoughts on “pay it forward…(^^,)

  1. ey, having co-incidence again… I created yesterday a group for my “project K” for my “Pay it Forward” goal… just at the same time you are thinking of the same! (kambal ba tayo?)….

  2. nice one Inang, ^_^, its also like spreading the goodwill virus, and you get the same one back into you. (“,)

  3. tandang tanda ko pa ung utang na loob ko kay mam ann,,, ung ang hinanda ko sa medya noche…sarap tlg ng ham…hehehe next time ulit…hehehe

  4. Pingback: Project “K” = Project Kindness « butterfly effect :@

  5. heheh lam mo inay, u always do things to others na ndi mo na namamalayang na sobrang HELPFUL pala. sakin lang po ramdam ko hanggang ngaun ung mga simple pero malakas ang impact mong mga advices sakin 🙂 In every advices that you’ve given me, makes me a better person. you always make negative turn into positive 🙂 (PROMISE)

  6. Yep..correct..extending a helping hand always uplift’re not fully aware how u change their lives and how blessed they are for your path’s crossed their’s..:-D

  7. I agree with what m’annagustin’s point of view on this “PAY IT FORWARD” concept. Sometimes we do something because we are expecting something in return like praises, prizes/payment and acknowledgements but we are not getting the TRUE ESSENCE of it. Which is giving WITHOUT expecting in return… sharing with someone you really don’t know… because it is more FULFILLING when you see people with CHANGED LIVES and you’ve been a part of it. By simply doing a little good deed for someone may change EVERYTHING for him/her especially when no one else is willing to help him/her. Furthermore, without knowing it, somehow you have been used by GOD as an instrument to someone’s PRAYER. Isn’t that GREAT? A part of an ANSWERED PRAYER! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this to me m’ann. Continue being a blessing to everyone :). God bless!


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