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day 283rd of 2009…

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This 283rd of 2009, October 10 to be precised was another norm day for me, went to the office for work and did some usual stuff. However, this date shared great happenings to my “Dash” again… 🙂  Here goes the list:

oct10 copy

• Been a part of the relief operation that was organized by the victims themself.

I had a chance to be a volunteer for a small group who wants to help the most in-need fellows in Marikina.

• Easy Fat Burning exercise (whew…. 🙂 )

Part of the action mentioned above was  to transfer the relief packs from 4th floor to ground floor of a building. Almost 250 bags was being carried down to the truck… I felt as if I lost a lot of pounds on that “exercise” (whee!!!)

• Being locked inside the truck for a few minutes for safety purposes.

We have issued claiming stubs for those victims who will receive relief goods because we don’t have enough for all of them. After doing so,  we still have extra packs left to distribute. We asked the people to fall-in line, but commotion has went through :-(. We all got in to the truck then left the area for safety purposes.

• Had 3 (three) Spa services for just P300 (Winner!!! :-))

With the generosity of my cousin’s Friend (Ate Flor), I had spa services for the cheapest possible price i could ever imagine. Don’t forget to mention the “Beef Loaded Shawarma before we started the session.Thanks to her and her “Family Wellness Center”, more power…(i’ll be back)

• My “FACE” was devirginized (nyahahaha…joinx… :-o)

I had my first ever Facial Treatment, and it was really “ooouuuccchhh!!!” (But then again, thanks to Ate flor and her staff Joy…:-)).

Having theses experiences that adds-up to my “dash”, I would like to thank the people who made all these possible… 🙂


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One thought on “day 283rd of 2009…

  1. i’m glad i’m part of it… we will do it more often… the “me’ day!

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