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and the baby is now a lady…owwsss???


this is for SOC….

October 18 is the date of birth of my youngest Sister, Ma. Soccoro (a.k.a SOC). She is also the youngest Agustin not until Dylan came around (joinx… ;-)) . This baby is now turning to become a lady today (October 18, 2009). We didn’t use to prepare debut celebration ‘coz it’s some kinda ma drama… :-D, but the family promised a gathering once she passed the Board Exam..break a leg… 🙂baby_lady2

I want to describe her as:

  • A girl who has her own style of expressing her talent without much effort of saying it (Humble daw…nyahahaha.!!!).
  • Has an artistic part of her that really amazed us (pagka-kitaan natin yan… :-)).
  • She used to be very active in school news paper ever since she was in highschool and even until now(journalist dapat).
  • Good Dancer
  • Good guitar player (I want to cut her hand… ;-))
  • Good photographer for me
  • My Fan
  • My “tambay” Body
  • My “watching movie” companion.
  • My Photoshop teacher
  • My Driving force
  • My critic
  • My daughter (kala nya minsan nanay nya ko…:-D)
  • One of my best friends
  • My reserve provider (we made a promise, nyahahaha… :-D)

Now that she’s a young adult, she still acts like a kid and that’s fine (ok lang yan.. di ka naman nag-mamadali di ba? :-)) I just want her to be more mature and more responsible. Not to be too sensitive and sumpungin(hahaha…).

Even if she’s now a lady she’ll always be one of those babies I enjoyed taking cared off… 🙂

Happy birthday Teripot!!!… hahahah


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

3 thoughts on “and the baby is now a lady…owwsss???

  1. happy birthday soc, dalaga na…

    parang kelan lang, pag nira ransack natin bahay nu inang, liit pa ni soc :=)

  2. kamuka nya talaga si alichbulich sempalonjing dun sa baby picture…

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