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and her mind speaks…….

don’t quit…


I started to hear and live with these words during my high-school era in our CAT Officer’s training.

Today, these words worked for me again…

Another technical challenge has tested my perseverance (nyahahaha… :-D)

To said it briefly, I used to do “store set-up” (part of my job… :-)) every last quarter of the year. As to the processes and “to do’s”, we are at easdont-quite of doing it ‘coz we had a lot of stores put on operation. We were not surprised, not like before if two stores will open on the same day (…wheww.. :-D). Having this demand, our team needs to split and work to different location simultaneously.

Me and my group were on the process of configuring the Front-end application until some glitches showed up. We did a lot of trouble shooting and isolation but it’s not that simple. My colleague advised to re-do the procedure but that would definitely be our last option.

…and so we decided to take a break and have some bread and drinks in ” Julie’s Bakery”. When we got back, we analyzed and got focus on the problem. We also sought help and recommendations, did trial and error until it was fixed. Of course we don’t have a choice but to fixed it(joinx… :-D)

Simply by not Quitting, it would certainly leads to a successful outcome….(Winner!!! :-D)

new ideas were being learned and my team didn’t got frustrated… hahahaha

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Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

3 thoughts on “don’t quit…

  1. Yeah, quitting is not an option. We are trained for that heheheh!!!!!

  2. Well, agus I also live in that phrase, don’t quit. Iyan tayo e.Good luck manager agus.:)

  3. … well, as I always said: Break a leg…. 🙂

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