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12 in a dozen…



Dedicated to my college barkada… 😉

…some have gone for a while and got backed,

some are leaving but promised to be backed.

…some will be arriving and

I’m so excited about that…

(nyhahaha it rhymes… 🙂 )


A dozen of Eggs were hatched and had different directions and fate to pass. These are “US” who were motivated by goals and visions we created for our selves and loved ones.

We are 12 in the group that werebrought together by ideas, likes, interests and aspiration. Since then , we  envision success. Having this driving force, most of these berks need to desert the country for a while to explore more with what they have.  It might be hard for them to leave but that’s part of the sacrifice. With that, just need to bear in mind that all of these are worth doing if we believed that these are what we dreamed before.  Just savour the moment of being in a place where we in  as  perks and  take some pictures that will add to  life’s history. (anyways all of you have your winner cameras…. 🙂 )

Break a leg to each of these EGGS


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

5 thoughts on “12 in a dozen…

  1. just like Arnold S..

    ‘i’ll be back’!

    thanks itlog, mwah! may the good Lord bless us all.

  2. distance would never separate those who are united by heart,bounded by spirit and tested with trials..friends till the end…

  3. Agus, you’re a winner.nice tribute.hehe.para namang…to our success..God bless us all.

  4. 12 in a dozen…ganda pala nu..nway, sana magkita kita tayo pag uwi ko.. organize mo naman agus.. hehe mwah!

  5. paki update po yung 12inadozen natin sa multiply account..
    at bkit po n delete yung ibang pics na nailagay ko na dun before..

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