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101 minus no.76: Driving with Dylan only

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Today, I was so excited to come home and see Pilentz, my “smile generating buddy”. the moment he saw me, he jumped and giggled. Then I asked him if he wants to ride the car, he knobbed and said “bye” with matching hand waving. “Bye” is one of few words that he can say now.

We used to drive together with tita soc ” teripot” just around the town (ubos gas… 😀 ) but that time this aunt was busy watching the ending of one telenovela, thus she wasn’t able to join.

…then I and this little guy went to the garage and start the car….wheee… 😀

We just drove around and gaze different Christmas lights and decoration. This “buddy” was so amazed while uttering “WOW….Wa-wa-WOW”.

When he saw the Jollibee food chain, he said ” abi, abi.. wa-wa-wow”. the moment was really funny and light(kakatuwa… 😀 ). Then I decided to have my dinner in it. Pilentz really enjoyed laughing with crew while eating our favorite “burger steak” with lots of Steak sauce.

That instance was really stress relieving and relaxing. When we are driving home, suddenly I realized that I was “Driving with Dylan Only“. My no.76 on my 101 list….wow… 😀

I love that moment, and I want to do it more often… 🙂

… walang sasama… kami lang ni pilentz….. 😀


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

One thought on “101 minus no.76: Driving with Dylan only

  1. wow sarap naman nyan tita agus:) congrats!

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