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my 101 list minus four…(^^,)


As I live by the day, some of my 101 list were being accomplished without being noticed… wahahaha…(effort less, I love that…)

No. 33,   Go to Itay Gilbert’s house

During the opening of last PG store that was opened for 2009 (PG-BF), we convinced itay Gilbert to treat us for Dinner  😀 . Since the said store was near to his place, he decided to brought us in his house. His wife Kelly and Bro. Godo cooked the food for us, whee!!! so yummy 🙂 . We felt so welcome in his humble home.

…then, again I noticed that being in Itay’s House was part of my 101 list. thus no. 33 was considered as done… 😀

No. 69,   Have a Curly Hair

When we had our 2009 IT Christmas Party, the committee decided to have a Theme of 80’s Era. All the people who joined the event prepared and participate. As a we get ready for our “get-up” we decided to go to the parlor to have our “hair and make-up”…wow…. :-D.  As an 80’s look, I had my hair curled slightly (Nag-mukha akong abay sa kasal..joinx… :-D). But I received lots of compliment that I looked good that night…(I just wanna believe that they are not kidding me…:-)

…thus, no. 69 was slashed… 😀

No. 100, Own a White low-cut Converse (All Star)

When we were in Baguio to open a store, we had a chance to walked along the famous Session Road (really??? is it that Famous..ugh!!! :-D). While walking, we saw a stall selling Converse shoes, one of the pair caught my attention. A White Low-Cut Converse with floral design. I tried it and it fits, I haggle with the price but the vendor did not gave it to me… :-(. I did not stop of thinking about it. What was in my mind was the word ” I WANT THAT SHOES “.  My buddy just told me that if it is really for me,  I will have it whatever happens (just like destiny…nyahahaha 😀 ). The next week when we got backed, I asked the same buddy to come with me and look for the said shoes. Fortunately, no one bought it (wheeew…. 😀 ). Definitely that shoe was really for me… Winner…

…thus, no 100 was slashed too… 😀

No. 101,  Buy my dream Cellphone for this year (2009)

It was unexpected to have a new cellphone as early as November.  I planned to have it on a later part of December but my old Phone retired… 😦. Now I have a Samsung Jet which I really love using… 🙂

…thus, no. 101 got slashed.

there are still a lot more to go… 😮


Author: annagustin

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2 thoughts on “my 101 list minus four…(^^,)

  1. I suggest you include in your 101 about reading books (other than HP, which are now long-overdue, forget about it and just see the movie)… there are lot wisdom to be unleashed in reading different topics….
    Check this book for a start… “Tuesday with Morrie” (see my blog) see also kuya’s comment 🙂!

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