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my 101 minus 32… whuwhoo


As I heard from my Boss that it is really worth watching AVATAR, I decided to contact my “watching movie companion” and watch the movie. This time we will watch the movie at IMAX. Wheee…we were so excited coz its my companion’s first time to experience this movie moment… ;-). I to had the same feeling  because I was able to accomplish my no. 32 of my “101 in 1001 day list”. Actually I have watched  3D movies before,  I think twice together with special buddies (nyahahahaha…..) :-).  Hope I could do this more often ‘coz it’s really worth the experience….

therefore my no. 32. Watch Movie at IMAX was done…. 😉


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

3 thoughts on “my 101 minus 32… whuwhoo

  1. i will watch it too…
    hey check this site… for 101 bloggers…

  2. wala po bang tagalog sa IMAX? di ko kasi feel ung english, baka di ko magets. let me know asap kung may tagalog na papalabas sa IMAX mam… trit kita!hehehe

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