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approved just the way I wanted…(^^,)


I’m so happy today ‘coz I just did something that could encourage my team to do more… :-).

One of may passion is to imply positive perspective on everything. As I said, there is always a choice to be optimistic and not the other way around. With the inspiration I have from my mentors, I just wanted to relay this to my group.

As a preparation for the up-coming busy season(busy as always….joinx... :-D) , I need to do something to attend everthing that has something to do with it (of course to aid my boss… :-)). After voicing my suggestion to my ” technical master (sir mon)”, he also agreed on the idea and then we informed our Boss on our plan. We were so fortunate having his usual support and he advised us to move on. Plannings and Meetings were made and we have come up with the commitment that the group we are forming will serve its purpose.

Before this idea to be real, I need to discuss this to the Chairman (nginig… 😀 ), and happy to say that he really likes the idea, thus APPROVED!!!!..wheee…:)

…but it does not end-up here. This is just the beginning and we need to keep on moving and need to do more … 🙂


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

12 thoughts on “approved just the way I wanted…(^^,)

  1. good work! yehheyyy! lift their spirit and you’ll gain more!

  2. kelan ba hindi naging busy? 🙂

    keep it up boss, you’re such a gem…mwah!

  3. galing boss agus! keep up the good work and congrats!

  4. thanks inay buleng, ganun talaga.. syo ako lumabas e… 😉

  5. yipee, thanks for slways inspiring us inay… we will do our best….

  6. mam power rangers po ba ifoform nio? di kasi me makarelate eh…hehehe

  7. positive people always attract inspiration and good vibes around…just keep on showering that bright ray of sunlight and i’m sure all will be done accordingly. you are one amongst a few that i have known and met in my lifetime that have shown such passion in helping others and invoking the best out of everyone, keep it up and continue spreading smiles all over – GOD BLESS

    • yeah kuya joey…thanks for the winning words of wisdom…:) you’re such a great buddy…:)

      • thanks…same here, i have my own blog but it’s mostly views and poems with dark and negative contents but hey if you have some time to spare pls do visit – it’s

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