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Gung ho ! ! !

Light spirited, happy, willing, aggressive, cheerful, determined, open, thankful and all the positive moods could ever felt have occupied me after having this GUNG HO thing…(nyahahaha…exage!!!) 😀

I was privileged to be a part of the 1st batch who attended the “Gung Ho Seminar” last Feb 22 and 23, 2010. At first, I really wonder what this activity is. But it excites me when I saw the list of the names who will going to be my batch-mates. Of course (inter-course), these includes itay, mommy, maya, bg, and babel. It was a very wonderful 2 day session with Mr. Jojo Baldo as the speaker. Now, I should include him in the list of few people whom I love to listen with all ears ;-). He talks so real. May be because he speaks from experiences of  his life. He touched the emotional and spiritual side of me. Whew…Literally I sniffed because of crying and laughing (huh??? was it conflicting?)

All the lectures, games and activities enhanced our creativity and values. Determination, courage, tension and excitement were in the room because of the group battle. And I’m super glad to say that our team (d’ masters-yellow) made it straight from behind. What does it mean???( Huh!!! ano ba?) we’re the Champion… 😀

Having this great experience, how I wish I could bring  my family, friends, and collegue to attend too. But of course it may not happen today, not unless I will personally request for S’ Jojo’s services. What I can do  now is to continue to live with what I have learned from the activity and share it to others. I really hope to make it a habit. A positive person as I can be… 🙂

Thank You notes to:

The Master of all Masters

Mr. Jojo Baldo

Family (my entire clan)

Friends here, there and everywhere

My company

🙂 🙂 🙂



my 101 list minus no. 82

High School days were perfect moments to cherish. This is where barkadas were built. JS From, Student Councils, CAT, Girls scouts, Out of town camping and other  trippings that a teenager could have. A period where the light happenings  of youth’s life were experienced.

As I listed down my 101 in 1001 days, I have committed to have a moment with my High-School Berks. Any sort of a bonding experience that I could make to revive the communication.

Early January of 2010, an invitation from a  HS friend was received. One of our peer invited us for a dinner. He will going to run for Vice Mayor, (Break a leg, Cadio). I took the chance to be with them to have fun, laugh, food trips, reminiscing old times, and took great pictures. New plans for the get-together were talked. Succeeding gatherings held and we have come up to have a reunion (whoww!!!). Initially it was only for our section but eventually it will be for the whole ’96 batch(whahahah…mas lumaki ang circle of pips involve …wheee 🙂 thanks to dra. april m).

Kita Kitz batch ’96 was the theme of the event (reunion) that will happen on April 17, 2010. I’m so excited for this. I really hope that we could gather many batch-mates as possible… 🙂 Wheeeee!!!

but wait… another get-together was held last Feb 19, 2010(Friday) at CALIENTE BAR when we watched a cool band named “Popoyfield”. (Saya!!!!)

… with this I consider my no. 82 of my 101 list accomplished 😉.

82. Have a picnic/gathering with my high-school barkadas /Friends


had a chance to be a fire fighter???

Feb 6 was the day that I was scheduled to attend a seminar about fire prevention and safety. I need to be at the office before 7:00 a.m., so I woke-up early (but I’m still Sleepy then). Driving at 100 km/hr :-), I was able to be the office at 6:58 am. (buzzer beater)… whee… 🙂

The session started at 7:30 a.m, with a volunteer (head educator) from Association of Volunteer Fire Chiefs and Firefighters of the Philippines, Inc as the speaker, he discussed the composition of fire and what can be done to avoid or prevent its build-up. It so nice to know new information that would really be helpful to civilians. Having an idea on the basic ” To Do’s” during the time of tragedy, this may lessen the casualties and eliminate it as much as possible.

As the seminar went through, we had a chance to use their facilities to respond on fire. Used fire extinguisher, Rode a Fire truck, wore their suits and held a Fire hose with a water splashing was really a fun experience. But of course we should somehow had an idea on how to became a fire fighter.

In-case of Fire…

We may contact numbers:


(632) 522-22-22




the final decision is not mine…

Knowing that giving advises can make difference to other people’s life, it doesn’t end up just tapping somebody’s shoulder and tell them that everything will be fine. It is flattering to know that we could encourage people and make them optimistic towards life, but sometimes even if how hard we try, we cannot say that this is true for everyone.

Tonight, I just realized that the final say will still always be in the hands of the ones involve. Everybody is unique in terms of personal aspect  and beliefs even if they share the same likes and interest.

We just need to respect individual’s opinion because after all we will just be the one who  held responsible. As long as we encourage peers, we could somehow makes some difference.

I just want to say ” break a leg… :-)”

(Wheeww, serious… nyahahaha  :-D)