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the final decision is not mine…


Knowing that giving advises can make difference to other people’s life, it doesn’t end up just tapping somebody’s shoulder and tell them that everything will be fine. It is flattering to know that we could encourage people and make them optimistic towards life, but sometimes even if how hard we try, we cannot say that this is true for everyone.

Tonight, I just realized that the final say will still always be in the hands of the ones involve. Everybody is unique in terms of personal aspect  and beliefs even if they share the same likes and interest.

We just need to respect individual’s opinion because after all we will just be the one who  held responsible. As long as we encourage peers, we could somehow makes some difference.

I just want to say ” break a leg… :-)”

(Wheeww, serious… nyahahaha  :-D)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

2 thoughts on “the final decision is not mine…

  1. you’re absolutely right agus…

  2. yeah bro, para kang si bro your touch make me feel so good…hehehe tnx sa mga advise u. ok.

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