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my 101 list minus no. 82


High School days were perfect moments to cherish. This is where barkadas were built. JS From, Student Councils, CAT, Girls scouts, Out of town camping and other  trippings that a teenager could have. A period where the light happenings  of youth’s life were experienced.

As I listed down my 101 in 1001 days, I have committed to have a moment with my High-School Berks. Any sort of a bonding experience that I could make to revive the communication.

Early January of 2010, an invitation from a  HS friend was received. One of our peer invited us for a dinner. He will going to run for Vice Mayor, (Break a leg, Cadio). I took the chance to be with them to have fun, laugh, food trips, reminiscing old times, and took great pictures. New plans for the get-together were talked. Succeeding gatherings held and we have come up to have a reunion (whoww!!!). Initially it was only for our section but eventually it will be for the whole ’96 batch(whahahah…mas lumaki ang circle of pips involve …wheee 🙂 thanks to dra. april m).

Kita Kitz batch ’96 was the theme of the event (reunion) that will happen on April 17, 2010. I’m so excited for this. I really hope that we could gather many batch-mates as possible… 🙂 Wheeeee!!!

but wait… another get-together was held last Feb 19, 2010(Friday) at CALIENTE BAR when we watched a cool band named “Popoyfield”. (Saya!!!!)

… with this I consider my no. 82 of my 101 list accomplished 😉.

82. Have a picnic/gathering with my high-school barkadas /Friends


Author: annagustin

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4 thoughts on “my 101 list minus no. 82

  1. thanks sis for posting a new entry..

    sana nga mag-ok ang reunion natin.. 1 and half month to go… Musta na invites natin?

  2. may escort kn b?hehehe

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