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This too shall pass…whew!!!


We cannot always expect that everything will be okay, fine and favorable for  us. There will always be  sad, uncomfortable and downside for anything. After all, we cannot appreciate positive things without the negative… :-D. It often goes together. So for times like these, we can always utter the words:

… and believe that everything will be fine… 😀 😀 😀


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

5 thoughts on “This too shall pass…whew!!!

  1. Indeed.. When your down, there’s no way but “UP”…

    “Everything works together for good…” See you saturday, inom na lang natin yan!

  2. “blessed are the demented for the power of chocolate is with them” (Harry Potter unquoted quote)…. hahaha

  3. on the serious side… as quoted in Schindlers List movie “Even if you were persecuted and tormented, and you were able to forgive… then that is power!” (or something like that… thanks to sir ruel magat for quoting this to me… and It kind of sting!)

  4. Being good doesn’t mean you will be happy, Just be happy and you will be good 🙂

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