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Way of the cross via old churches of Bulacan

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During Lenten Session, Catholic devotees have their ways to reflect and look-in to their relationship with the Creator. One of these ways was the “Station of the Cross”.

Last Holy Wednesday, I was about to join this activity together with my Mom, she reminded of the time and told me not to be late. Of course I told her, “Yep Mama, I’ll be there!” But… 😦 But… 😦 But… 😦 I wasn’t able to make it because of work wheeww… :-(. I missed that wonderful experience. With that, I felt a bit sad, but of course I still have other options… wheee.. ;-D

Today (Holy Thursday) me, and my cousins were scheduled for Visita Iglesia. We were about to visit great churches in Bulacan. We decided to explore the province and its historical religious sites.For some this is being done in 7 churches only but for us, we had 14 of those for 14 station of the cross). With the histories it witnessed, antique relics and images, structural designs and old stones in its wall, it is definitely worth seeing it all.

At this point, I should also start to work on my no. 30 of my 101 list, and its to be in different Churches.

… and as elders says, you are privilege to have wishes for each new church to enter, therefore… wish, wish, wish, and hope it will came true in God’s perfect time… 😀


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