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and their name is “PoPoYField”


Sort of a Popeye stuff when it was first heard or maybe a huge ground owned by Mang Popoy…nyahahah :-D. Popoyfield, a name being used by a Punk Band from the province of Bulacan (of course we’re Bulakeño too… :-D). As I listened to the stories of the band vocalist (diey), the name was inspired by the former labor group leader Ka Popoy Lagman. He said, he was there at UP (Unibersidad ng Pilipinas) when this man was ambushed (tama ba diey? tama ba?) for the “Field” hha…, eeehhh, hmmm, can’t remember the story behind why they cascaded the word Field…. :-D. Nevertheless this band really shares a unique style in the music industry (wow industry na!!!).

Some to the songs they have written were:…. 😀

untouchables, litrato, stufftoys, eltiel, tenksnology, she never, waiting, state funeral, atm, rakstart, days gone by, anymore, wala kana, no vacancy, this time, drink and drive, fading beauty, bahoo, themesong nyo, alkohol, earth saving machine, panaginip, unan, seven stitches rack ,

With a trade mark of having a ” Red Color around the Eye”, original compositions, passion and styles in performing, they would definitely have a chance to be in a more huge stage to share their forte ( wahahaha Concert ito, Libre kami!!!… :-D).

It is so great to know that we have peers who succeed in this field… and That is PopoyField!!!

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Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

10 thoughts on “and their name is “PoPoYField”

  1. Nice nice nice and super awesome, very inspiring, – thanks Ann for watching our gigs,listening to our music and your appreciation to the band , popoyfield will continue to punk en roll the world.

    World peace! keep up on blogging

    from popoyfield guitarist

  2. the “behind the scene for a twist” (ayos ba popoyquarter? :-D)

    I had a chance to know some more details about how it has begun…(History 101)

    since un gvocaist namen walang focus,we decided to try new blood, then the opportunity came for a new vocalist(jamo) for Makati gig(this was the first ever… 😉

    after ng jamming, he said “bagsak niyo sa G-D Em C” …and the original composition was played(walang practice),

    from the Ym account name, to the famous word at the office,nabuo ang popoymusic, and the date???? we we just marked the day when jamo appeared in wowowee,(sinong di mawiwili… :-D)dun na nag start ang new popoyfield…

    —toooottttt….(off) 😀 😀 😀

  3. astig

  4. Hi Ann,

    thanks for putting us here in your blogsite..and this is really great! wish you could put up some more! hehehe..thanks ann! stay cool!

  5. also ann, please promote my site too! it’s simple pa lang and just testing. thanks!

  6. thanks for sharing it on FB! hehehe..tat is kewl!

  7. how to try then to get that hit

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