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Challenge to “Meet HIM” (no. 87)


Days gone by, people were met, new peers were encountered but still where is “HE”? hmmm (nyahaha, di naman ako bitter nito…joinx…nagtatanong lang :-D )

Kidding aside, I’m not getting any younger. My biological  clock might stop ticking. Thus, in my SMART resolution which was made during my Gung Ho! Seminar,  I put in to my “to do List” the challenge to “meet him” and so  to may 101 list too. Quite “nakaka-tense” I should say(hala bat ka na-tetense???). But I need to experience it’s ‘coz  its a part of the life’s battle :-). (Battle? baket may laban?)

Chances had come across, now a day (sus, bat kaya ngayon lang?), but still I’m not at ease to try what is ahead…(I just feel like, I’m still a child, anuh ba un, tanda mo na te..wheww… 🙂 ). But then again, I should know what’s up( nyahahah) . Actually I felt this before but unfortunately, there were no reciprocation. (hahah okay lang un.)

Nevertheless, I need no rush… 🙂 owwsss??? (ewan ko ba, bat nag-mamadali sila). As I live my life, I will try to enjoy what I have now. Light feeling, free spirit, open to anything. Isn’t it cool?

I just want to live my life to the fullest…(As I always say…:-)). If “HE” comes along it would definitely a Major Bonus.. 🙂 (san na kaya un? tagal ng BONUS na yan…hahahah)


Author: annagustin

just read about me.. hahahah

4 thoughts on “Challenge to “Meet HIM” (no. 87)

  1. hehehe inay, nagmamdali ba sila? hmmm sabi nga ni oprah “Mr. Right’s coming, but he’s in Africa, and he’s walking”.. baka natraffic lang…. labyah….

  2. desisyon mo nmn un kung dadating un kaagad o inde, ryt? sana nga dumating n agad para mguhgitan mo n ung no. 87 🙂

  3. just make kulit to papa Jesus, pasasaan ba makukulitan din Siya sa iyo hehe

    wish ko lang makasabay si Kuya Itlog sa bilis mo maglakad 🙂

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