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Still I’m so Thankful..Whew

This first day of July 2013  is just one ordinary Monday for me. Car Pool with my PAPA, Ninang and Sis Kuling is a routine. Sometimes we fetch my Favorite Mentor/Cousin to join us and have a “Right at her Door Step” ride to the office.  Everything was just as usual, dropped my passengers to their destination then go to the office.


Will moving and listening to the radio my Car was Hit by a reckless Driver. Arggg!!! We collided in the middle of one intersection in Makati. The passenger’s door at the driver side was busted. I was not shocked but of course worried. As an instinct, the driver went out side  his car and depend that he was in the right position.  I’m not guilty so I argued back. Good thing, there was an assigned Traffic enforcer in the location and witness what was happened.  He approached us quickly and said he saw the incident clearly. He just called a police to handle the situation (Super thanks Manong Enforcer).

I always feel sad when our cars have scratches and dent, what more for this? But I chose to be positive even if it’s hard, I analyzed and realized that there should be things that I’m about to be THANKFUL For. 🙂

  • Assistance come along as it is needed.
  • My Papa and his Buddy went to me to assure that I’m alright
  • My Car together with my bag was not carnapped (Because I left the car with my bag and keys inside) whew
  • Gas tank, Mirrors, Driver’s Door, Tail-light and side windshield were fine.
  • I need not to pay for any damages
  • ..and most importantly I’m Alive and  not hurt

God Truly looks after me and cares for me all the time.

So Much to be Thankful For…


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7th Aling Puring 2012

As we held the 7th Tindahan ni Aling Puring Convention 2012. I’m proud to say that I’m a part of It’s Evolution.

As an IT group, we helped to geared it with winning upgrades at it’s best. Like:

  • Simultaneous Event in two location, (Baguio and Manila)
  • Live streaming, (lots of testings made,hahaha)
  • POS Loading (virtual)
  • In-house Program for registrations that uses our own infrastracture

… and a lot of cool deals.

The most important part was, when the President of the Republic of the Philippines visited our humble event. (Please see links below:)

this really a History,  Naks! May 16 to 19, 2012…:-)

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my extension

I miss my wordpress blog, Whew!!!

Only today, I just re- visited my “ann’s mind” and writing something on the wall. Definitely It would not replace this one, it’s just that I have another page to express my self some more. hahaha, 😀 . It’s my Tumble account! Ann’s mind extension. As the title shows,  it has a relation to Ann’s Mind…. 😀

In here, lot’s of pictures, short quotes, shouts, video, can be posted. This will just show tid-bits of my emotion and idea at any given time.

Hope I could update this page more often too… 🙂

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tHe cAncEr’s gEt-awaY…wheeee ;-p

I miss my log, so I wanted to post a winning one…nyahahaha 😉

Last August of 2010 year, I was given a chance to have a trip… 🙂 and the great deal about it was, I was with my winning buddies. Itay, Louie and Kuya john. (all guys..wahahaha, but no
effect… 🙂 )

We had a moment which I was called ” The Cancer’s Get-away”. This was happened in Thailand. A five day moment of fun and adventure, not to mention the winning buffet breakfast.

let the Picture speak for it self.. Whahaha



Challenge to “Meet HIM” (no. 87)

Days gone by, people were met, new peers were encountered but still where is “HE”? hmmm (nyahaha, di naman ako bitter nito…joinx…nagtatanong lang :-D )

Kidding aside, I’m not getting any younger. My biological  clock might stop ticking. Thus, in my SMART resolution which was made during my Gung Ho! Seminar,  I put in to my “to do List” the challenge to “meet him” and so  to may 101 list too. Quite “nakaka-tense” I should say(hala bat ka na-tetense???). But I need to experience it’s ‘coz  its a part of the life’s battle :-). (Battle? baket may laban?)

Chances had come across, now a day (sus, bat kaya ngayon lang?), but still I’m not at ease to try what is ahead…(I just feel like, I’m still a child, anuh ba un, tanda mo na te..wheww… 🙂 ). But then again, I should know what’s up( nyahahah) . Actually I felt this before but unfortunately, there were no reciprocation. (hahah okay lang un.)

Nevertheless, I need no rush… 🙂 owwsss??? (ewan ko ba, bat nag-mamadali sila). As I live my life, I will try to enjoy what I have now. Light feeling, free spirit, open to anything. Isn’t it cool?

I just want to live my life to the fullest…(As I always say…:-)). If “HE” comes along it would definitely a Major Bonus.. 🙂 (san na kaya un? tagal ng BONUS na yan…hahahah)


Tambay mode in a gas station (No. 29)

… thanks for this holiday… whee… 🙂 Ninoy Aquino‘s Day. I was able t0 accomplished my no. 29. “Tambay mode in a gas station that has a wireless connection. As I put this simple task in my 1o1 list, my objective is to have a ” Me Moment”.

“ME Moment” is a situation where I can think about anything, Free my spirit, Eat what I want, go where I want (in here, i prefer Gas Station), and be what I want to be.

so in the afternoon of this date, i packed my back-pack and brought Kuling’s Laptop (Peram Kuling, hehehe), drove the Car heading to the Gas Station.

Here, I had a tall size fraffe (pasosyal si ate!!!, but it’s for free, nyahahah). I had a chance to update my blog, read feeds and commented on photos.

It’s so cool to hung for a moment doing light stuff without nothing serious in mind… 🙂

thus, my no. 29 was done and I would defenitely do this again… 🙂


my first ever smilebox project…:D

As I passed on the blog site of butterfly effect, Cool digital photo albums were seen… and so, I decided to have my own…:D

my first ever smile box project… 🙂

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here are some more for you to click:

..and wait for more post…wahahahah… 🙂 🙂 😉