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my extension

I miss my wordpress blog, Whew!!!

Only today, I just re- visited my “ann’s mind” and writing something on the wall. Definitely It would not replace this one, it’s just that I have another page to express my self some more. hahaha, 😀 . It’s my Tumble account! Ann’s mind extension. As the title shows,  it has a relation to Ann’s Mind…. 😀

In here, lot’s of pictures, short quotes, shouts, video, can be posted. This will just show tid-bits of my emotion and idea at any given time.

Hope I could update this page more often too… 🙂



Challenge to “Meet HIM” (no. 87)

Days gone by, people were met, new peers were encountered but still where is “HE”? hmmm (nyahaha, di naman ako bitter nito…joinx…nagtatanong lang :-D )

Kidding aside, I’m not getting any younger. My biological  clock might stop ticking. Thus, in my SMART resolution which was made during my Gung Ho! Seminar,  I put in to my “to do List” the challenge to “meet him” and so  to may 101 list too. Quite “nakaka-tense” I should say(hala bat ka na-tetense???). But I need to experience it’s ‘coz  its a part of the life’s battle :-). (Battle? baket may laban?)

Chances had come across, now a day (sus, bat kaya ngayon lang?), but still I’m not at ease to try what is ahead…(I just feel like, I’m still a child, anuh ba un, tanda mo na te..wheww… 🙂 ). But then again, I should know what’s up( nyahahah) . Actually I felt this before but unfortunately, there were no reciprocation. (hahah okay lang un.)

Nevertheless, I need no rush… 🙂 owwsss??? (ewan ko ba, bat nag-mamadali sila). As I live my life, I will try to enjoy what I have now. Light feeling, free spirit, open to anything. Isn’t it cool?

I just want to live my life to the fullest…(As I always say…:-)). If “HE” comes along it would definitely a Major Bonus.. 🙂 (san na kaya un? tagal ng BONUS na yan…hahahah)

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it’s my happy birthday…:D

As we have our birthdays… there were unique ways on how spend it. For this year, I had a cool, fun and great celebration ever. Not to mention the week long merriment… :-). I just realized (although medyo aware ako.. hehehe… :-)) that there are a lot of pipz who really care and love me.. (joinxemo ka neng.. emo…nako.. nako…)

With my FB wall bombarded with lots of greetings, message full in my phone inbox (take note, both phones,hehe yabang), emails, calls received from significant buddies, surprise gifts (even nanay deng has her present too), visit (nabigla ako) and a cool b-day Video from my cousin and sis, It is such a great feeling to have all these people who make me special (siopao or ensaymada…. 😉 )

All I can say is Thanks you Very much for making my day a super happy birthday… 🙂

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As the inauguration of  President Benigno Simeón Cojuangco Aquino III happened on this historical day, 1 song has  marked in to my mind. A song of Mr. Noel Cabangon. Mabuting Pilipino, a piece that is worth to follow and live with. If we could only do our part as individual. we could have a better country to live in… 😉

… and the song goes like this… 🙂


by: Noel Cabangon

Ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang Bayan ko
Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkunin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin

Tumatawid ako sa tamang tawiran
Sumasakay ako sa tamang sakayan
Pumipila at hindi nakikipag-unahan
At ‘di ako pasiga-siga sa lansangan.

Nagbaba at nagsasakay ako sa tamang sakayan
‘di na makahambalang parang walang pakiaalam.
Pinagbibigyan Kong mga tumatawid sa kalsada
Humihinto ako kapag ang ilaw ay pula.

‘pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang bayan ko
Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin

‘Di ako nagongotong o nagbibigay ng lagay

Ticket lamang ang tinatangap kung binibigay

Ako’y nakatayo dun mismo sa kanto
At ‘di nagtatago sa ilalim ng puno.

‘Di ako nagkakalat ng Basura sa lansangan.
‘di bumubuga nga usok ang aking sasakyan
Inaayos kong mga kalat sa basurahan
Inaalagan ko ang ating kapaligiran

‘Pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang bayan ko
Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin

Lagi akong nakikinig sa aking mga magulang
Kaya’t pag-aaral ay aking pinagbubutihan
‘di ako gumagamit ng bawal na gamot.
O kaya’y tumatambay at sa eskwela’y di pumapasok.

Pinagtatangol ko ang aking karangalan
‘pagkat ito lamang ang tangi kong kayamanan
‘di ko binabenta ang aking kinabukasan
Ang boto ko’y aking pinahahalagahan.

‘pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang bayan ko
tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin
Ako’y isang tapat at totoong lingkod ng bayan
Pabor o lagay ay ‘di ko pinapayagan
Tapat ang serbisyo ko sa mamamayaan
Di ko binubulsa ang pera ng Bayan

Pinagtatangol ko ang mamamayang Pilipino
Mga karapatan nila’y kinikilala ko
Ginagalang ko ang aking kapwa tao
Pinaglalaban Kong ang Dangal ng bayan ko.

‘pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang bayan ko
Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin.

Pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino

Pagkat ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino

Ako’y isang mabuting Pilipino
Minamahal ko ang bayan ko
Tinutupad ko ang aking mga tungkulin
Sinusunod ko ang kanyang mga alituntunin
Pagkat ako’y ilang mabuting Pilipino

Panatang makabayan
Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas
Ito ang lupang sinilangan
Ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi
Ako’y tkanyang kinukopkop
At tinutulungan upang maging malakas
Maligaya, at kapakipakinabang
Bilang ganti diringin ko
Ang payo ng aking mga magulang
Sunsundin ko ang mga tungkulin ang aking paaralan
Tutuparin ko ang mga tungkulin
Ng isang mamamayng makabayan
Paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan
Ang walang pagiimbot at buong katapan
Sisikapin ko maging isang tunay na Pilipino
Sa isip sa salita at sa gawa

for music: Mabuting Pilipino

Mabuting Pilipono Page


kita kitz batch ’96….:D

April 17, 2010 was the date, when the event named Kita Kitz Batch ’96 was held. A Reunion that was formed to gather all the pips who graduated High School at Dna Trinidad Mendoza Institute, year 1996 (obvious ba? hahahahs… ;-D)

A collaboration of eager ones who shared their minds and ideas to make this possible in just a span of almost 3 months, whoow… :-D. By gathering information, preparing checklist, opening School Year Book, looking for Friends (thru FB and walking “angles” whahaha.. :-D) meetings, and budgeting, everything fell into place. Of course some lapses were noted, but then again the event had brought fun and enjoyment to everyone (we really hope it did… :-O).

Warm acknowledgement to those who helped to make this event a memorable one.

  • Financial Support from batchmates who are more well-off (Out of the Country pips, you know who they are.. :-D)
  • Artistic talent of the lay-out artist
  • Creative minds of the Event Master
  • Supportive people who helped gather more attendees as possible
  • Cute and kind Collectors 😀
  • Runners, here, there, and everywhere
  • Understanding Bosses/co-workers who allowed attendees for absent or take leave
  • Dance instructor
  • School Guards and Assistant
  • Free Photographer from the Studio Owner
  • Performers
  • Buffet and Table designers
  • …and All those who shared financial contribution.

For the friendship-links that were re-opened (and re-kindled), having met old friends, for the lasting smiles and laughters (till now), even the pressures that goes along with organizing this… Well, I can proudly say that this EVENT served it purpose…Wheee….:-)

Success!!!! 😀 😀 😀

you may also visit :


This too shall pass…whew!!!

We cannot always expect that everything will be okay, fine and favorable for  us. There will always be  sad, uncomfortable and downside for anything. After all, we cannot appreciate positive things without the negative… :-D. It often goes together. So for times like these, we can always utter the words:

… and believe that everything will be fine… 😀 😀 😀


haPpY WeDdinG AnNivErsAry…

Today, March 4, 2010 was the date when my Papa and Mama swore to God in front of family and friends that they will live and love each other until their lives end (I always pray to God, not too soon… :-))

As I heard from a lot of people who surrounds me that married life is “hindi parang kain na pag-napaso, iluluwa” . In my own interpretation, there will never be undo, rewind or take two. Of course marrying on the second time is a different story. In marriage, it requires the couple to be understanding, open, loving, faithful, honest and responsible. I just put on those adjectives as I usually heard these from wedding sermons, couple’s book, elder’s advises. It is really true that the couple needs to work  for their marriage.

Indeed, I saw these to my Papa and Mama. They have differences but still, they stick together (yeehhheeee…. 😀 ).

My Papa is  patient, understanding and calm guy. He can withstand the mood swings of his daughters and wife (All these girls have their own version of kasungitan…joinx 😀 ). He don’t use to get angry. But when he does, he’s like a bursting champagne that can not stop to spill (katakot… 😦 ). Good provider (Sobra!!!)

My Mama is strict, dominant, and moody mom (hala,patay ako pag nabasa nya to… 😦 ). But she never fails to cook good food, prepare our needs, be there always by our side 😀 . A mom who has the passion to care, pamper and love unconditionally. She loves to share, provide and help specially to her siblings. She a “Big Ate” to them.

On their Special Day, I want to greet them a super happy anniversary!!!

I’m so blessed and lucky to have them us my parents and I’m sure my sisters feel the same way too (batukan ko sila pag-hindi… 😀 ).

We want to thank them so much… 🙂