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Challenge to “Meet HIM” (no. 87)

Days gone by, people were met, new peers were encountered but still where is “HE”? hmmm (nyahaha, di naman ako bitter nito…joinx…nagtatanong lang :-D )

Kidding aside, I’m not getting any younger. My biological  clock might stop ticking. Thus, in my SMART resolution which was made during my Gung Ho! Seminar,  I put in to my “to do List” the challenge to “meet him” and so  to may 101 list too. Quite “nakaka-tense” I should say(hala bat ka na-tetense???). But I need to experience it’s ‘coz  its a part of the life’s battle :-). (Battle? baket may laban?)

Chances had come across, now a day (sus, bat kaya ngayon lang?), but still I’m not at ease to try what is ahead…(I just feel like, I’m still a child, anuh ba un, tanda mo na te..wheww… 🙂 ). But then again, I should know what’s up( nyahahah) . Actually I felt this before but unfortunately, there were no reciprocation. (hahah okay lang un.)

Nevertheless, I need no rush… 🙂 owwsss??? (ewan ko ba, bat nag-mamadali sila). As I live my life, I will try to enjoy what I have now. Light feeling, free spirit, open to anything. Isn’t it cool?

I just want to live my life to the fullest…(As I always say…:-)). If “HE” comes along it would definitely a Major Bonus.. 🙂 (san na kaya un? tagal ng BONUS na yan…hahahah)



For my Nanay Deng…

As I wrote my 101 list in 1001 days, one of my to do’s is to:

79. Bring Nanay Candeng to Babel’s House

A woman who is very dear to me. Like a loving mother who care in every ways to make sure that her child is well and safe. Nanay Deng (Candida Torres Agustin) was my auntie, sister of my father and third child of my grand parents was a simple woman who chose to have a simple life.

A life to serve her family in a way she believes to be rewarding and pleasing. She was never a house wife nor a mother of a biological child but she has a lot of children who used to call her “NaNaY”. A mother figure to her nieces and nephews specially to me. It was a claimed that I was her child and she was also my mom too ( I was her no. 1 favorite… 🙂 peace kuya Ricky and te Marie :-)). She has a part in taking care of me ever since I live my life into this world. I used to share to her the happiness and love I give to my real mom ( I have two moms… 🙂 ).

On the 22nd day of April year 2010, she passed away. We really thank God, for she did not suffer longer as she approaches death. I will miss the time that I used to impart with her cool and great details happened to my life. Every time I had spacial events, beautiful dress, pretty make-ups (abay, graduation, sagala, etc…), I always make sure that she had a glimpse of how I looked. I used to utter Nay, tingnan mo na ko, ang ganda ko with matching a huge smile on my face”.

I included no. 79 in my 101 list because she didn’t had a chance to hang around and spare moment outside of her fences. She used to be left at home and said “Sige ako nalang ang taong Bahay”. I attempted to ask her to go with us but often times,I did not succeed 😦 . How I wish she could lived much longer for us to let her experience the vacation, gatherings and get-together.

This post is dedicated to our Nanay Deng, with prayers, flowers,candles and love. May she live peacefully with her Creator. Thank you for all the love and sucrrifices that you have given to the family specially to me.

Candida Torres Agustin

September 22, 1940 – April 22, 2o10

~~>Rest in Peace<~~


kita kitz batch ’96….:D

April 17, 2010 was the date, when the event named Kita Kitz Batch ’96 was held. A Reunion that was formed to gather all the pips who graduated High School at Dna Trinidad Mendoza Institute, year 1996 (obvious ba? hahahahs… ;-D)

A collaboration of eager ones who shared their minds and ideas to make this possible in just a span of almost 3 months, whoow… :-D. By gathering information, preparing checklist, opening School Year Book, looking for Friends (thru FB and walking “angles” whahaha.. :-D) meetings, and budgeting, everything fell into place. Of course some lapses were noted, but then again the event had brought fun and enjoyment to everyone (we really hope it did… :-O).

Warm acknowledgement to those who helped to make this event a memorable one.

  • Financial Support from batchmates who are more well-off (Out of the Country pips, you know who they are.. :-D)
  • Artistic talent of the lay-out artist
  • Creative minds of the Event Master
  • Supportive people who helped gather more attendees as possible
  • Cute and kind Collectors 😀
  • Runners, here, there, and everywhere
  • Understanding Bosses/co-workers who allowed attendees for absent or take leave
  • Dance instructor
  • School Guards and Assistant
  • Free Photographer from the Studio Owner
  • Performers
  • Buffet and Table designers
  • …and All those who shared financial contribution.

For the friendship-links that were re-opened (and re-kindled), having met old friends, for the lasting smiles and laughters (till now), even the pressures that goes along with organizing this… Well, I can proudly say that this EVENT served it purpose…Wheee….:-)

Success!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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and their name is “PoPoYField”

Sort of a Popeye stuff when it was first heard or maybe a huge ground owned by Mang Popoy…nyahahah :-D. Popoyfield, a name being used by a Punk Band from the province of Bulacan (of course we’re Bulakeño too… :-D). As I listened to the stories of the band vocalist (diey), the name was inspired by the former labor group leader Ka Popoy Lagman. He said, he was there at UP (Unibersidad ng Pilipinas) when this man was ambushed (tama ba diey? tama ba?) for the “Field” hha…, eeehhh, hmmm, can’t remember the story behind why they cascaded the word Field…. :-D. Nevertheless this band really shares a unique style in the music industry (wow industry na!!!).

Some to the songs they have written were:…. 😀

untouchables, litrato, stufftoys, eltiel, tenksnology, she never, waiting, state funeral, atm, rakstart, days gone by, anymore, wala kana, no vacancy, this time, drink and drive, fading beauty, bahoo, themesong nyo, alkohol, earth saving machine, panaginip, unan, seven stitches rack ,

With a trade mark of having a ” Red Color around the Eye”, original compositions, passion and styles in performing, they would definitely have a chance to be in a more huge stage to share their forte ( wahahaha Concert ito, Libre kami!!!… :-D).

It is so great to know that we have peers who succeed in this field… and That is PopoyField!!!

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haPpY WeDdinG AnNivErsAry…

Today, March 4, 2010 was the date when my Papa and Mama swore to God in front of family and friends that they will live and love each other until their lives end (I always pray to God, not too soon… :-))

As I heard from a lot of people who surrounds me that married life is “hindi parang kain na pag-napaso, iluluwa” . In my own interpretation, there will never be undo, rewind or take two. Of course marrying on the second time is a different story. In marriage, it requires the couple to be understanding, open, loving, faithful, honest and responsible. I just put on those adjectives as I usually heard these from wedding sermons, couple’s book, elder’s advises. It is really true that the couple needs to work  for their marriage.

Indeed, I saw these to my Papa and Mama. They have differences but still, they stick together (yeehhheeee…. 😀 ).

My Papa is  patient, understanding and calm guy. He can withstand the mood swings of his daughters and wife (All these girls have their own version of kasungitan…joinx 😀 ). He don’t use to get angry. But when he does, he’s like a bursting champagne that can not stop to spill (katakot… 😦 ). Good provider (Sobra!!!)

My Mama is strict, dominant, and moody mom (hala,patay ako pag nabasa nya to… 😦 ). But she never fails to cook good food, prepare our needs, be there always by our side 😀 . A mom who has the passion to care, pamper and love unconditionally. She loves to share, provide and help specially to her siblings. She a “Big Ate” to them.

On their Special Day, I want to greet them a super happy anniversary!!!

I’m so blessed and lucky to have them us my parents and I’m sure my sisters feel the same way too (batukan ko sila pag-hindi… 😀 ).

We want to thank them so much… 🙂

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Gung ho ! ! !

Light spirited, happy, willing, aggressive, cheerful, determined, open, thankful and all the positive moods could ever felt have occupied me after having this GUNG HO thing…(nyahahaha…exage!!!) 😀

I was privileged to be a part of the 1st batch who attended the “Gung Ho Seminar” last Feb 22 and 23, 2010. At first, I really wonder what this activity is. But it excites me when I saw the list of the names who will going to be my batch-mates. Of course (inter-course), these includes itay, mommy, maya, bg, and babel. It was a very wonderful 2 day session with Mr. Jojo Baldo as the speaker. Now, I should include him in the list of few people whom I love to listen with all ears ;-). He talks so real. May be because he speaks from experiences of  his life. He touched the emotional and spiritual side of me. Whew…Literally I sniffed because of crying and laughing (huh??? was it conflicting?)

All the lectures, games and activities enhanced our creativity and values. Determination, courage, tension and excitement were in the room because of the group battle. And I’m super glad to say that our team (d’ masters-yellow) made it straight from behind. What does it mean???( Huh!!! ano ba?) we’re the Champion… 😀

Having this great experience, how I wish I could bring  my family, friends, and collegue to attend too. But of course it may not happen today, not unless I will personally request for S’ Jojo’s services. What I can do  now is to continue to live with what I have learned from the activity and share it to others. I really hope to make it a habit. A positive person as I can be… 🙂

Thank You notes to:

The Master of all Masters

Mr. Jojo Baldo

Family (my entire clan)

Friends here, there and everywhere

My company

🙂 🙂 🙂


my 101 list minus no. 82

High School days were perfect moments to cherish. This is where barkadas were built. JS From, Student Councils, CAT, Girls scouts, Out of town camping and other  trippings that a teenager could have. A period where the light happenings  of youth’s life were experienced.

As I listed down my 101 in 1001 days, I have committed to have a moment with my High-School Berks. Any sort of a bonding experience that I could make to revive the communication.

Early January of 2010, an invitation from a  HS friend was received. One of our peer invited us for a dinner. He will going to run for Vice Mayor, (Break a leg, Cadio). I took the chance to be with them to have fun, laugh, food trips, reminiscing old times, and took great pictures. New plans for the get-together were talked. Succeeding gatherings held and we have come up to have a reunion (whoww!!!). Initially it was only for our section but eventually it will be for the whole ’96 batch(whahahah…mas lumaki ang circle of pips involve …wheee 🙂 thanks to dra. april m).

Kita Kitz batch ’96 was the theme of the event (reunion) that will happen on April 17, 2010. I’m so excited for this. I really hope that we could gather many batch-mates as possible… 🙂 Wheeeee!!!

but wait… another get-together was held last Feb 19, 2010(Friday) at CALIENTE BAR when we watched a cool band named “Popoyfield”. (Saya!!!!)

… with this I consider my no. 82 of my 101 list accomplished 😉.

82. Have a picnic/gathering with my high-school barkadas /Friends