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Done That…

In this page I would like to journal the remarkable things that I have DONE since my DASH started…Hope I could remember them all… 🙂

  • Sung “Bahay Kubo” and Happy Birthday at 10 months old (I stand Corrected… 🙂 )
  • Appointed as Treasurer since Grade School Up to now (in most of the organization that I joined)
  • Senior Girl Scout and CAT Officer at the same time
  • Joined Girl Scout Campings
  • Had HAM radio with fellow Girl Scouts
  • Lead the National Anthem Beat to all Student (Elem and HS times)
  • Joined the 1996 World Youth Day (Prep…. 🙂 )
  • Sagala in Sta crusan (nag-mamaganda)
  • Student Performer during School affairs (wala kasi mapili.. nhayaha)
  • Worked as an Auditor (I enjoyed the feeling of being detective)
  • Lector / Commentator on Sunday Masses
  • Joined an activist rally along CM Recto and Mendiola
  • Watch Ms. Saigon having Leah Salonga as KIM
  • Did the 1st hair-cut for babies turning 1 year old
  • Godmother since I was only 10 year old
  • Smiled when the doctor had stitches on wound above my eyebrow(thanks to Amang Pepeng ‘coz he’s beside me)
  • Brides maid for 6 times (next time I’ll be the bride.. nyahahaha 🙂 )
  • Collected key-chains of different places where I and  my friends  have been .
  • Joined relief operation for flood victims of typhoon “Ondoy” (Sept 26, 2009)
  • drove 150 km/h ‘coz we need to witness a wedding
  • been an organizer for a reunion
  • wear braces
  • “buena-mano” for those who use to sell stuff and services, then had a great demand.
  • ride para sailing
  • Volunteer for Election
  • Jumped high via Bungee Fun
  • Done Spelunking…(april 16, 2011, SAGADA,phil)
  • had walk in a Rice terraces… 😀
  • watch the sunrise on top of a Hill…
  • conquer fear from bats (Sandali lang) went up the hill (Club Paradise, Coron Palawan)
  • swim with ” University of Fishes” whew
  • Watched Arvil Lavigne Live Concert in Manila (Feb 16, 2012)
  • Had a cliff  jump,probably 8 to 10 ft height at Marcos Island, Hundred island. (April 22, 2012)

..not yet done, more to come


3 thoughts on “Done That…

  1. galing galing naman kaya nga manager agus ka’am:)

  2. hey it was not 8 months when you sung hapi birthday…. 10 months naman… anyway, gifted ka pa rin talaga! (I know that your music instructor that time really don’t know how to sing and she had just tiny babies for her fans!?– another “gifted” child! 🙂 )

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