Ann's Mind

and her mind speaks…….

Proudly did it…

…With the things that I have done, there were those which i considered as


  • Droving while listening to an Album that has been my driving force to have a car
  • Had a chance to put-up a business with my barkada as partners (My Daily Laundry)
  • Assist an old woman(Didn’t know her nationality) in HK immigration because she collapsed
  • Been an “Inay” to those who called me by this pet name…(Inay buleng was the original).
  • Finished my 5 year course in 4 year and a half
  • Been a part of a medical Mission
  • Lead the Team/Group who are mostly BOYS.
  • Donated Blood
  • Become a volunteer
  • Form a project that encourage others to do more.
  • Part of the committee who organized Class reunion with less resources.
  • Helped Disabled Woman, to find ways on how to get home, @ Aling Puring convention 2010, (she said: “ang swerte ko sa Ann”)
  • been an inspiration to others, as they say… 🙂
  • Survived Sumaguing Cave at Sagada, Phil
  • Became an AM at the age of 32,  = )
  • Support an event where the RP President is the Guest of Honor
  • Drive a Brand new car  🙂

…and more to come


2 thoughts on “Proudly did it…

  1. i’m proud i got u as one of my “inay” 🙂

  2. yup agus, you also have this mother figure, kaya nga idol kita e.muahhh.thanks for everything

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