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no. 94 was done… wheee!!!

As the Filipino nation prepares for election 2010,part of these were lots of work, Media adds, Voter’s Education and awareness. Different groups shared their talent and resources to help. So, I don’t want to missed the chance to become one of them. I want to be a volunteer for 2010 election. 😀 😉 :-D.

Be out there not just to for one or two individuals, but to help other people on the said historical day… 😀

With lots of  inquiries and research on where and how can I join a volunteer group for election, I was fortunate to be listed as a one for PPCRV. (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting). My mom, was part of it and I insisted to be one of them too ( kinulit ko, joinx :-D)

And so May 10, 2010, I became a Volunteer of 2010 Election, I woke up at 5:00 am(thanks sa gumising sa akin… :-D) to prepare and be ready for the day’s battle. I was assigned at the information section. Giving small piece of paper containing the Cluster no. ,Precinct no. and Sequence no. of each voter.

Irritated Voters, Heat of the sun, Thirst, long queues, busted PCOS ( nasira kaya ung dalawa… :-() what else could we expect. These are just normal stuff because it’s a first time. Seems negative but there were positive points in here.For me, it’s fulfilling to serve without expecting anything. As long as I have accomplished my life list, for me it’s rewarding… 🙂



my 101 list minus no. 82

High School days were perfect moments to cherish. This is where barkadas were built. JS From, Student Councils, CAT, Girls scouts, Out of town camping and other  trippings that a teenager could have. A period where the light happenings  of youth’s life were experienced.

As I listed down my 101 in 1001 days, I have committed to have a moment with my High-School Berks. Any sort of a bonding experience that I could make to revive the communication.

Early January of 2010, an invitation from a  HS friend was received. One of our peer invited us for a dinner. He will going to run for Vice Mayor, (Break a leg, Cadio). I took the chance to be with them to have fun, laugh, food trips, reminiscing old times, and took great pictures. New plans for the get-together were talked. Succeeding gatherings held and we have come up to have a reunion (whoww!!!). Initially it was only for our section but eventually it will be for the whole ’96 batch(whahahah…mas lumaki ang circle of pips involve …wheee 🙂 thanks to dra. april m).

Kita Kitz batch ’96 was the theme of the event (reunion) that will happen on April 17, 2010. I’m so excited for this. I really hope that we could gather many batch-mates as possible… 🙂 Wheeeee!!!

but wait… another get-together was held last Feb 19, 2010(Friday) at CALIENTE BAR when we watched a cool band named “Popoyfield”. (Saya!!!!)

… with this I consider my no. 82 of my 101 list accomplished 😉.

82. Have a picnic/gathering with my high-school barkadas /Friends


my 101 minus 32… whuwhoo

As I heard from my Boss that it is really worth watching AVATAR, I decided to contact my “watching movie companion” and watch the movie. This time we will watch the movie at IMAX. Wheee…we were so excited coz its my companion’s first time to experience this movie moment… ;-). I to had the same feeling  because I was able to accomplish my no. 32 of my “101 in 1001 day list”. Actually I have watched  3D movies before,  I think twice together with special buddies (nyahahahaha…..) :-).  Hope I could do this more often ‘coz it’s really worth the experience….

therefore my no. 32. Watch Movie at IMAX was done…. 😉

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101 minus No.95….(‘ ‘,)

Jan 2, 2010 (Saturday), was the first day of the year for us to go to work…(‘coz we need to be at the office… :-(). Since we only need to render half a day, I just decided to organize my area… 🙂

  • Arrange old files… 🙂
  • Arrange desk and drawer… 🙂
  • Compile old notes… 🙂
  • Format computer… done after a week….:-(, but done… wahahaha… 🙂

thus, n0 95. Re-organize my drawer at the office is now slashed…. 🙂 wheee….

…and ready for the new battle… 🙂