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my first ever smilebox project…:D

As I passed on the blog site of butterfly effect, Cool digital photo albums were seen… and so, I decided to have my own…:D

my first ever smile box project… πŸ™‚

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..and wait for more post…wahahahah… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰



haPpY WeDdinG AnNivErsAry…

Today, March 4, 2010 was the date when my Papa and Mama swore to God in front of family and friends that they will live and love each other until their lives end (I always pray to God, not too soon… :-))

As I heard from a lot of people who surrounds me that married life is “hindi parang kain na pag-napaso, iluluwa” . In my own interpretation, there will never be undo, rewind or take two. Of course marrying on the second time is a different story. In marriage, it requires the couple to be understanding, open, loving, faithful, honest and responsible. I just put on those adjectives as I usually heard these from wedding sermons, couple’s book, elder’s advises. It is really true that the couple needs to workΒ  for their marriage.

Indeed, I saw these to my Papa and Mama. They have differences but still, they stick together (yeehhheeee…. πŸ˜€ ).

My Papa isΒ  patient, understanding and calm guy. He can withstand the mood swings of his daughters and wife (All these girls have their own version of kasungitan…joinx πŸ˜€ ). He don’t use to get angry. But when he does, he’s like a bursting champagne that can not stop to spill (katakot… 😦 ). Good provider (Sobra!!!)

My Mama is strict, dominant, and moody mom (hala,patay ako pag nabasa nya to… 😦 ). But she never fails to cook good food, prepare our needs, be there always by our side πŸ˜€ . A mom who has the passion to care, pamper and love unconditionally. She loves to share, provide and help specially to her siblings. She a “Big Ate” to them.

On their Special Day, I want to greet them a super happy anniversary!!!

I’m so blessed and lucky to have them us my parents and I’m sure my sisters feel the same way too (batukan ko sila pag-hindi… πŸ˜€ ).

We want to thank them so much… πŸ™‚


Sadness is an option:-(, happiness is a choice…:-)

a remarkable line stocked in to my mind as I have watched a movie few days ago…

Suffering is an Option, Happiness is a choice” derek ramsay, and I love you so…

I just would like to re-word it as “Sadness 😦 is an OPTION, Happiness πŸ™‚ is a CHOICE.”

winking-smiley-carried-by-sad-and-angry-ones-thumb3871588lately I have felt this feeling of sadness that disturbed my normal habits. As I termed it in tagalog, “Ang Panget, ang panget talaga sa pakiramdam”. As if I am waiting, expecting, missing, and wishing for something to happen. Sadness sunk in to me, then I knew that it is an OPTION to feel sad. As my friends asked me if I’m Okay, then I said I’m not, it was again an OPTION not to feel Okay. I saw my self looking to the stuff that reminds me of that “something“, then I though it is an OPTION of not moving on…

…all these OPTIONS made negative moods occupies me…sad_smiley

then I realized that there is a CHOICE to focus on positive things…Like Happiness.

Being happy is a CHOICE for us to feel light and great. We just need to remember and filter out all positive things that were associated to this mood. Like people who make us laugh, stuff that make us smile and those that inspires us. There is always a way not to feel frustrated.

No one can RULE our Happiness:-), It is only us who can RULE our self…smiley

Stay….Happy and always live the day as if it is your LAST….