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my first ever smilebox project…:D

As I passed on the blog site of butterfly effect, Cool digital photo albums were seen… and so, I decided to have my own…:D

my first ever smile box project… 🙂

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..and wait for more post…wahahahah… 🙂 🙂 😉


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The little Guy who makes me smile…:)

…the very day I met this little guy…I saw my self wearing a priceless smile…

the little guy who makes me smile and laugh...

the little guy who makes me smile and laugh...

May 19, 2008 was the day to be exact when I had a chance to met this guy… a lovable living thing who break all barriers that I thought to be unbreakable.

I used to be a hard-hearted to one of my sibling before. As if I thought that there will never come a time we could be okay…People around me said that time will come that we will be all right…

‘ til one day I was soften by an angle…an angle that made everything light…

…and we named him Dylan Gabriel, a.k.a:

  • SeMpilentoix,
  • Bok-bok,
  • BoOm-bOom,
  • nik-nok

He is like a stress reliever, laugh creator, mood setter and smile generator for me and the whole family…

I hope that this little guy lives his life with pull of happiness, love, kindness and optimism…. no bitterness, hattred and doubt that may distrurb his innocent belief.

break a leg sempilentoinx….:D


“I’m glad it’s you” by kelly sabi ni itay…

“i’m glad its you” a remarkable reply from a text that says “ikaw ba yan?”…

during lunch time talk, my twin soul(itay) open a topic on how he and his wife met. When they first see each other…Starstruck daw…:) then exchanged of no. and they become textmates…time passes by.. then become husband and wife and now they have then super cute angel miguel..

it proves that the “im glad its you” reply was effective.. nyahahah..

how inspiring..:D