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my extension

I miss my wordpress blog, Whew!!!

Only today, I just re- visited my “ann’s mind” and writing something on the wall. Definitely It would not replace this one, it’s just that I have another page to express my self some more. hahaha, πŸ˜€ . It’s my Tumble account! Ann’s mind extension. As the title shows, Β it has a relation to Ann’s Mind…. πŸ˜€

In here, lot’s of pictures, short quotes, shouts, video, can be posted. This will just show tid-bits of my emotion and idea at any given time.

Hope I could update this page more often too… πŸ™‚


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Sudden shift….

…nothing is constant but “CHANGE”

we all live by the day…some of our act, people who meets, tasks, responsibilities and routines might be same as yesterday but there could be even a slight difference than how we dealt with it previously.

maybe today, we are happy of what is happening currently but we really cannot tell. Nothing is constant but change…(hayyysttt…)

some moments of our lives might be favorable and touching to us but this might not last forever. We just need to cherish the moment while is it happening and remember it when we missed it. (don’t let dementor sucks these.. nyahahah).

a remarkable phrase was once said to me…” don’t do things that you cannot sustain” this might probably true because if we get used to it, then suddenly it’s gone, we will truly missed it… but nothing is constant but change…

what is important here is be open for changes because these might lead to a better opportunity…:p