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Still I’m so Thankful..Whew

This first day of July 2013  is just one ordinary Monday for me. Car Pool with my PAPA, Ninang and Sis Kuling is a routine. Sometimes we fetch my Favorite Mentor/Cousin to join us and have a “Right at her Door Step” ride to the office.  Everything was just as usual, dropped my passengers to their destination then go to the office.


Will moving and listening to the radio my Car was Hit by a reckless Driver. Arggg!!! We collided in the middle of one intersection in Makati. The passenger’s door at the driver side was busted. I was not shocked but of course worried. As an instinct, the driver went out side  his car and depend that he was in the right position.  I’m not guilty so I argued back. Good thing, there was an assigned Traffic enforcer in the location and witness what was happened.  He approached us quickly and said he saw the incident clearly. He just called a police to handle the situation (Super thanks Manong Enforcer).

I always feel sad when our cars have scratches and dent, what more for this? But I chose to be positive even if it’s hard, I analyzed and realized that there should be things that I’m about to be THANKFUL For. 🙂

  • Assistance come along as it is needed.
  • My Papa and his Buddy went to me to assure that I’m alright
  • My Car together with my bag was not carnapped (Because I left the car with my bag and keys inside) whew
  • Gas tank, Mirrors, Driver’s Door, Tail-light and side windshield were fine.
  • I need not to pay for any damages
  • ..and most importantly I’m Alive and  not hurt

God Truly looks after me and cares for me all the time.

So Much to be Thankful For…


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Just thank you….

Today something has happened to me that I need to be thankful of… :-D,

jump for new lifeTo all the people who have comforted me and told me that I am  Soooooo Lucky and Sooooo Blessed... 🙂

All I can say is “JUST THANK YOU”,

To God, Thank you to the nth Power… 🙂

….and for that I want to jump for life…. 😀